Door Protection Kick Plates Information

Wally and Floora Say:

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Wally Says:

Floora, have you ever wanted to kick in your door like your favorite action hero? It sounds fun, but please don't damage your doors! An awesome entrance to your next family function is just not worth it. Keep your doors in good shape with door protection, such as kick plates and push plates. It's very easy for the bottoms of doors to become damaged. Without thinking, many people kick or scrape up doors while carrying heavy items or trying to get through a doorway with a stroller, wheelchair or grocery cart. Something as simple (and frugal!) as a $40 kick plate or push plate can prevent a $500+ door purchase to replace a damaged door. That sounds smart.

Here's what to consider when selecting door protection:

  • Material and Durability: Choose from rigid sheets, soft foam, or flexible plastic materials that offer the right balance of protection and ease of installation for your specific environment. .
  • Size and Coverage: We provide door protection solutions in various sizes to cover different parts of the door, including the full door, kick plates, and edges. Ensure you select a size that adequately protects your doors without hindering their functionality
  • Installation Ease: Our products are designed for quick and easy installation, with options for temporary or permanent protection. Consider the installation method, such as adhesive backing or mechanical fasteners, to suit your door protection needs.

Buying Tip: For areas subject to heavy wear or impact, consider thicker, more durable protection options. For temporary protection during construction or renovation, look for easily removable products.

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Floora Says:

Thank you Wally but also keep in mind that Koffler Sales offers a wide selection of kick plate and push plate styles. Consider using a traditional metal kick plate for a residential home, hotel or retail shop. Rigid vinyl kick plates are a perfect choice for hospital doors and other heavy traffic areas where doors can be easily damaged. Diamond plate metal kick plates and push plates add a rugged and contemporary look in any garage, night club or warehouse. With such a wide selection, real customer reviews and Koffler Sales' customer service team, you cannot make a bad choice! Properly protecting your doors extends their lifespan and maintains their appearance. Here’s how to ensure the best protection for your doors:

  • Clean Surface Preparation: Before installation, clean the door surface to ensure the protection product adheres well and provides maximum protection.
  • Precise Measurement and Cutting: Measure your doors accurately and, if necessary, cut the protection product to fit perfectly, ensuring comprehensive coverage without obstructing door operation.
  • Follow Installation Instructions: Adhere to the manufacturer's instructions for the best installation results, whether it involves adhesive application or mechanical fastening.

Buying Tip: Take advantage of custom solutions if standard sizes or materials don't meet your needs. Our team can help design door protection that fits your exact specifications.