Floor Edging - Threshold - Transition Strip Information

Wally and Floora Say:

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Wally Says:

Floora, did you know that floor edging is like the perfect pair of cufflinks for your floors—it subtly enhances the overall look while serving a crucial protective role? It creates a smooth transition between different flooring types, and protects the edges from wear and tear. Whether it's a home, office, or commercial space, adding the right floor edging can provide aesthetic appeal and upgrade the functionality of your floors.

Selecting the right floor edging involves considering materials, durability, and the specific needs of your space. Here's a breakdown to help you choose wisely:

  • Aluminium: Offers a sleek, modern finish with excellent durability. It's ideal for commercial spaces or areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • Rubber: Flexible and resilient, rubber transition strip is perfect for areas requiring extra safety and noise reduction. It's also easy to install and maintain.
  • Wood: Adds a classic, warm touch to your space. It's best suited for residential areas or spaces wanting to maintain a traditional décor.

Buying Tip: If you're looking for an edging solution that's both stylish and functional, consider the color and material that best matches your existing flooring. Koffler Sales offers a variety of options to suit any aesthetic and functional requirement.

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Floora Says:

Yes Wally, are you overwhelmed by the thought of installing floor edging? Let's simplify the process. Correct installation not only enhances the edging's effectiveness but also its longevity. Here are some straightforward tips:

  • Surface Prep: Ensure the floor edge is clean and even. For most types of edging, you'll need a clean surface for the adhesive or fasteners.
  • Measure and Cut: Accurately measure the length needed and cut the edging accordingly. Remember, it's better to measure twice and cut once!
  • Adhesive Application: For edgings that require adhesive, apply it evenly and press the edging firmly against the floor and wall. For screw-in types, ensure you have the correct drill bit and screws.
  • Color Matching: Aesthetics matter! Choosing a floor transition strip color that complements your flooring can make a significant difference in your room's overall appearance.

Buying Tip: Before starting your project, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials. Koffler Sales provides everything you need for a successful installation, from adhesives to cutting tools.