Where To Buy Reflective Tape

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Where To Buy Reflective Tape

Where To Buy Reflective Tape
where to buy reflective tape

Floor and Hazard Marking Tape is a Reflective Tape designed to alert a person to a hazard.
So, Where To Buy Reflective Tape is an important question to ask.

The American Bar Association published a journal article on the value of reflective tape both in preventing human injury and in mitigating damages that the injured might look to the business to pay. Of course, our primary concern is to prevent injury by giving customers, clients and patients a warning to be careful. Reflective tape is invaluable just in avoiding human suffering.

Our tapes range from standard grade reflectivity levels which provide both daytime visibility and also tapes up to premium long distance sight tape. The daytime tapes have vibrant daytime visibility with reflective characteristics for after dark use.


meets the daytime qualities with the reflective characteristics for the dark time. This tape will last 7 years, and the adhesive will retain the tape to almost any clean, dry, smooth surface. The printed stripe will not wear off. This tape should not be used for flexible vehicle graphics use. This tape meets ASTM D-4956-99 Reflectivity Type I.


is the best product for marking anything that requires a high level of visibility in the dark hours. Its 10 year durability is tested specification. It has the same adhesive qualities as our other tapes. This high intensity product has a reflective capability of over 4 times more than the 17 mil reflective tape. This tape is Intended for application on relatively flat surfaces only. It Meets or exceeds ASTM D-4956-99 Type III.


tape provides the highest level of visibility. Its fluorescent lime color enhances its visibility day or night. The adhesive backing has a 10 year durability rating. This tape meets or exceeds ASTM D-4956 Type VIII.

Although, we have showed you Where To Buy Reflective Tape, there are other sources, but it is essential that these tapes meet the same ASTM Standards.

Where To Buy Reflective Tape Outdoor Durability is 7 years when properly processed and applied.

The general properties are:

Operational Temp. can withstand (-400C to 820C) -400F to 1800F
Typical Film Caliper is 4.5 – 5.5 mils
Specifications: Meets all other requirements set forth in ASTM D 4956
including shrinkage, flexibility, liner removal, adhesion,
impact resistance, specular gloss and outdoor weathering.

Special Note: The supplier states”… that this product is not intended for vehicle applications or on surfaces that are subject to any flex. Hazard striped version of this product may experience fading of the striped print, this will not affect the reflectivity of the product, but would change the appearance. For vehicle applications we recommend our conspicuity tape products.” However, the variety is endless.

Other reflective tape products are available for various other applications and we provide an Engineering Specification Sheet for every product. The information on this sheet is much more specific than what is contained in our ordering guide.