Glow Tape

Glow TapeGlow tapes are some of the most versatile used in either home based applications or industrial purposes. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes depending on where it should be use and the company which manufactures them. There sizes are normally determined in terms of their thickness and width.
Just as the name suggests, these kinds of tapes are known to glow in the dark and hence can easily be seen even when there is no light.

This is an example of a glow tape which has been placed in a dark room. As It can be seen in the diagram above, these two tapes placed close to one another are glowing thereby producing some sort of light as if they have been connected to a power supply.

The figure above shows a glow tape with a relatively wide diameter

The figure above shows several glow tapes with varied colors and smaller diameters as compared to the two tapes above.
But what really makes these tapes to glow in the dark?
A number of reasons have been put across to explain this very unique phenomenon. Glow tapes have certain luminescent pigments which are believed to possess the ability to absorb and store light energy during the day which can be used in turn when there is darkness to produce light. In most cases, as shown in the diagrams above, those are the most common colors which appear at night. They are also used when there is black out to act as guide lines. Closely related to this is the fluorescent tapes which also serve the same purpose as these tapes since they are also bright while in the dark. Just like the glowing tapes, these tapes can also be used for emergency purposes.

In industries, these glowing tapes can be used to cover live wires or other wires which are in the machine. In most machines, whether there is darkness or light, spotting some components has always proved to be very difficult since either minimal or no light can penetrate into the machine. This makes handy to be used to locate some of the most vital components found in the machine. This is just as example of an industrial application of these kinds of tapes.

They can also be placed on the stair cases to guide people whenever there is black besides being used to locate some of the most vital equipment which can be used whenever there’s black out. This can be done by sticking the tape on these equipment.
A glow tape can be obtained from a local shop or bought from online stores at affordable prices. These tapes can be used to serve the same purpose as the reflective tapes since the most important of all is that they should be visible at night. However, the difference between the reflective tapes and the glowing tapes is that the reflective tapes requires light to be shone on them so that they can also be seen in the dark while the glowing tapes do not.