Column Protectors

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Column Protectors

Column ProtectorsColumn protectors are mostly used in industries and in underground area of buildings. Column protectors surround columns effectively with cushion of air-absorbing impact. They are also called as building column guards or structural post cushions. They are available in various sizes and shapes. This article will guide you how you can protect the investments you have made in equipment, building and people. Using column protectors has several advantages. The following paragraphs will help you explore them.

Column protectors are easy-to-install. You will observe that they act like a bumper, which has been placed around the interior columns exposed within the building. The column protectors provide an air cushion. They create a very safe zone by surrounding the column. The manufacturers of column protectors use bright colors for making the protectors visible. Usually bright yellow color is used on the body of protectors and this reduces any chance of collision since they are highly visible.

They are easy to store, move and install.

The best part about them is that they are very light weight. They can be carried easily from one place to another. When you purchase the protectors, you will be provided with two sides of protectors along with a single strap.

These protectors make the pressure resistance double and this is the reason why column protectors are highly in demand. They can be installed by placing 2 sides around any column and wrapping the provided nylon straps. You will find a hook that is to be pressed to make a loop of the strap. The protectors has now been installed.

The protectors are not purchased in quantities of one or two.

They are ordered by builders and industry owners in huge amounts. Almost every column present in the building is protected by the protector. These protectors are also called as column wraps, column cushions, column shields or column bumpers. There are eight sizes and shapes available fulfilling all kinds of demands.

These are further divided in to parking column protectors, corner guards and concrete column wraps. The protectors used for columns present in parking area are made of more resistant material. They are very helpful in reducing damage to the vehicle as well as to the column. They also prevent vehicles from dents and marks. They are easy to install, lightweight and can be replaced quickly. They are mostly available in colors such as black and yellow. Some manufacturers of these protectors create colorful patterns as per the requirement of order. These patterns make the columns visible hence reducing chances of collision.

Some columns are square shaped while some are round. Protectors for every shape of column are designed easily. Each protector has two sides and a strap. As such no tool is required for installation. The manufacturers also have a team of installers of protectors. If you place an order for these protectors then you may get the services of installers as well. They are very professional, and cooperative and perform excellently.