How To Install Stair Treads And Risers

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Install Stair Treads And Risers

How To Install Stair Treads And RisersLearn how to How To Install Stair Treads And Risers. People often inquire about the installation of stair treads and risers, and the process is not complicated. While it is a straightforward task, there are specific details to consider, depending on the type of stairs and the materials used. Wooden stairs, being common in many houses, will be the focus of our discussion.

To start the installation, gather essential tools and materials a day before, including a level, tape measure, pencil, chop saw, belt sander, orbital sander, table saw, small diameter nails, elastomeric, and, crucially, treads and risers. Clear grip tape, known for user-friendliness, is preferred by consumers and differs from black grip tape in its composition. Ensure precision during work to avoid any mess. Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step process.

Analyze and evaluate the stairs to determine the rise and fall.

Use a level to measure the flatness and evenness of the tread or riser. Shim and adjust the angles to 90 degrees.

In the third step, employ a plywood base for the tread, measuring its length accurately to prevent inconveniences. Mark a point on the tread during this process.

Measure the step from the opposite wall to the same point and add both lengths to get the tread’s total length. Apply the same process to calculate the riser’s length. Cut the tread and risers according to these measurements.

Stand the tread and riser using belt sanders in the sixth step. Repeat these steps for each subsequent stair step, allowing the stairs to dry afterward.

Once the installation is complete, clean the stairs and remove any wood leftovers.

Now, having gained insight into how to install stair treads and risers, remember two crucial points. First, avoid forcing the treads and risers into place, as it may result in temporary fixes with eventual gaps. Second, secure the stairs properly at the end using elastomeric and small diameter nails for a lasting and secure installation.