Wall Corner Guards

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Wall Corner Guards
wall corner guards
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During the construction of a home, office space, warehouse, and most building applications where a wall meets making a corner, the use of wall corner guards are incorporated. The basic use in carpentry is a thin, metal strip adhered with drywall mud, to create a finished corner. While the carpenter uses nails that are driven into pre-drilled slots, these are concealed by the mud, this is later painted and unnoticeable to the naked eye. The use of self-adhesive guards and liquid nail adhesive are also utilized.

The wall corner guards have evolved over the years, and their practical and decorative uses enhance any living space. Both practical and functional, wall corner guards help to maintain the shape of the vertical point and protect the edge from damage resulting from any contact by man or machine.

In essence, that is their primary purpose in residential construction to protect the corner bead.

Around the office, wall corner guards are used in a variety of ways; protecting the interior walls edge, and also as safety features when used to cover a desktop or cabinet edge. In this environment, the  corner guards may be purchased for matching color schemes, or painted in custom colors. Available in a variety of sizes and textures, the theme of an interior design is complimented with ease.

Not overlooking the warehousing workplace, the wall corner guards also add protection, not only to the surface areas, but for the employee as well. Sharp edges of tier levels, obscured corners, and other potential hazards can become less ominous with rubber guards applied. From the inner office, to the shipping docks, the use of protective guards pays for themselves over and again.

From ground-up construction to the matching of color templates for inner-office design, the practical uses of wall corner guards have met or exceeded the demands of a carpenter’s level to the corporate level, and all those in between. A functional design to maintain the original edge of any corner or end-wall application, the wall corner guard provides the protection and durability as no other product found on the market can provide.