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Warning Tape

How To Protect Your Home And Business From Liability Lawsuits

warning tape

You can never be too careful when it comes to safety. Either at home or work, safety needs to be priority number one. Real accidents and frivolous lawsuits can cost you thousands of dollars and hours spent in a lawyer’s office. Taking simple precautions can prevent common accidents and protect you against litigation.

                                  What does the tape do?

It is common knowledge that most slip and fall accidents occur due to wet surfaces, inattentiveness, rushing, and transitioning environments such as outside to inside. Typically, a combination of these situations are what leads to an accident. Warning tape can provide a “heads up” to be on alert. Applications for this would include using warning tape to label ladder steps. It may be the reminder an employee needs to not be hasty when operating a ladder. For a stair case that is uneven, it may cause someone to pause and take their time. These simple warning signs can also save you money. Damage to property can result for an accident and make it even sillier to not have spent the few dollars in advance for a roll of warning tape.

How is this relevant to my business?

Why risk losing your business from a liability law suit? Liability law suits are at an all-time high, and many are completely preventable with easily visible warnings. Protect the safety of your employees and customers and avoid the penalties of negligence to OSHA laws.

There is a reason that all businesses are required to pay for disability insurance, because accidents can(and do) happen in all industries, even offices. Safety precautions such as warning tapes and signs are often neglected in office settings since no one thinks an accident is likely to happen. Anything you don’t plan for could have devastating affects if it actually does occur. Failure to post warnings could leave you wide open to a number of legal repercussions and additionally makes you appear negligent, which legally leaves you more vulnerable.

I don’t have a business, why should I be concerned?

Accidents don’t stop at the warehouse and neither do lawsuits. Warning tape prevents property damage at home too. Many home owners hire handy men to repair their homes and not all of them are insured. If you were to hire a neighbor’s cousin to repair a few roof shingles, for example; they could slip on the ladder and scuff your siding. Not only could you face a lawsuit but, your newly dented siding will be fixed out of your pocket. Warning tape applied to the ladder rungs could have avoided the accident and at the very least, helped protect you from the liability even if the accident still occurred.

You pay for insurance to protect your home, why not go the extra step and place warning signs in areas where accidents may occur. If you are working on a deck, warning tape could prevent your family and guests from stepping on an unsafe structure. Perhaps there is an outdoor staircase that gets slippery or uneven sidewalk that may leave you open for a lawsuit if someone slips before you have a chance to have it fixed.

You’ve worked hard to build your home or business.

Why loose it in an instant when the solution to protecting yourself is as simple as an inexpensive roll of warning tape? Save yourself hours of court time and thousands of dollars, and post warning signs and tape in your home or office.