Wall Base Molding

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Wall Base Molding

Wall Base Molding
wall base molding

The Vinyl and Rubber Wall Base Moldings are highly durable and the color is molded into the moldings so that the color remains brighter and more durable than wood molding. The amazing array of Wall Base Molding available today allows for an infinitely greater design scheme in any room, or a protective condition that is needed to ensure that the wall does not appear to be chipped or otherwise damaged. There are over 60 designer colors to select from.

An example of our finest Johnsonite® Millwork Wood Grain and Wall Art brings a luxurious look of faux wood, metal, or stone to choose from. “The rubber base is a vulcanized, extruded product manufactured from a synthetic rubber compound specifically formulated for durability, flexibility, and stability, “according to the Johnsonite® product representatives. We have certainly found this to be true. It is a combination of a luxurious look and a high durability product.

The Roppe™ Vinyl Wall Base is available in 70 colors and it is made from 1/8” vinyl. This is an example of an easy to clean molding, and it never needs painting and will not shrink. This flexible wall base provides the best of many alternatives for architects and contractors.
The new Wall Base Molding has features that are an architect’s dream. They are very durable, never needs painting and are very resistant to scuffing. Amazingly, it looks just like wood and the Johnsonite® Colored Millwork Rubber Wall Base looks perfectly milled while it is actually molded rubber.

These moldings are so much easier to install and maintain. They never lose their shape and their finish is very resistant to scuffing.

Another molding design that is available in very durable rubber is the Johnsonite® Wood Grain Millwork Rubber Wall Base. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of molded rubber you will find. It comes in many colors and finishes and it is very flexible allowing for installation around corners. Our rubber base is a vulcanized product manufactured from a synthetic rubber compound. This compound is specifically developed for every test it could be put to.

Our wall base molding is the latest technology in developing a product for the discerning customer on a budget.
Rubber and Vinyl can be molded or extruded into many shapes that will provide an expensive decor look with far less cost. Our molding features durability, scuff resistant material, flexible material and a material that retains its appearance without ever having to be painted. The selections will please every designer who is seeking a finished look.

Johnsonite is constantly developing new products with new finishes and colors. They pay consistent attention to quality and manufacturing integrity. Our other suppliers do equally as well. The industry is looking at continuous improvement in developing and delivering the best Wall Base Molding.

The colors, styles, millwork, and materials all make a product more attractive today than ever. The client has such a wide range of options that it must be overwhelming at times. This calls for a special skill on the part of the designer and sales staff.

Wall Base Molding