Vinyl Stair Edging

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Vinyl Stair Edging

Vinyl Stair EdgingVinyl stair edging is more than the term states. It can also stand for vinyl stair nosing. No matter what term is used, they all serve one purpose. That is, to protect stair fronts from deterioration and extend their endurance. Therefore, this product must be treated and considered as such. Koffler Sales sells Johnsonite Vinyl stair nosing.

Installing Vinyl Stair Edging

Make certain all requirements are satisfied concerning exterior preparation prior to beginning the installation. Plug any empty spaces in the wood or concrete steps with a cementitious-based repairing mix. Measure, engrave, and clip and dry mount the stair edging to every step. Clean the back of the clipped edging with a sanitary dry cloth to get rid of any trash. Put on the one-inch VPI Adhesive Tape and VPI No. NC-2 Nose Caulk across both exteriors of the edging. Limit the tape more than one inch from the essential angle of the edge. Clip leftover tape. Rotate tape with a hand roller to guarantee correct adhesion to the tread. Take away release paper from both edges of the edging. Push the edging evenly and securely to the step edge. Push the step part of the nosing down from front to back. Rotate nosing with hand roller.

Product Offerings

Based in Troy, Michigan, All Stair Treads and Floor Mats has developed two types of vinyl stair nosings: Grit Surface Aluminum and Koroseal. The Grit Surface can be installed both indoors and outdoors, suitable for mounting on steps constructed from various materials such as concrete, wood, preserved wood, slate, or marble. This product serves to renovate slippery and unsafe deteriorated stairs, ensuring the safety of new stairs as well. The nosing is available in either a 2-1/2 or 3-15/16-inch depth, crafted from the same material as All Stair Treads.