Vinyl Floor Base

Vinyl Floor BaseVinyl floor base is also known as cove base. It is a strip of vinyl that is applied at the bottom (or base) of a wall to hide irregularities of the wall or help protect the base of the wall. Vinyl floor base gives a finished look to a room while protecting the base of the wall from vacuum cleaners, children’s toys, and furniture that may bump or rub against it. It stops scuffs and scratches from being made on the wall.

Vinyl floor base comes in multiple sizes to fit the job. It can be purchased in strips’up to four (4) feet long. It can also be purchased in coils’up to 120′ long. There are different heights of vinyl floor base also. It comes in four (4) to six (6) inches in height. The desired height depends on the height of the ceilings in the room and personal preference of the consumer. Thickness is another measurement to consider. Vinyl floor base can be purchased in thicknesses ranging from 0.08 to 0.125 inches. A thicker base allows for more protection. It can also have a ‘toe”a small lip on the bottom of the vinyl floor base’or it can be ‘toeless’. This feature is the choice of the designer, contractor, homeowner, or installer.

Vinyl floor base can be purchased in almost any color. Sometimes it can be custom colored to match a specific room’s d