Vinyl Cove Base

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Vinyl Cove Base

Vinyl Cove Base
vinyl cove base

Vinyl cove base can help to really bring a room together. A new rec room could be a great place to bring the family closer together and spend quality time relaxing. A rec room is an informal space therefore a lot of time and effort need not be spent planning for and designing it. Your conversion plans could be as simple as new drywall, a freshly painted concrete floors trimmed with vinyl cove base board.

You need to figure out how to use a large space like a garage or basement effectively to ensure optimal utilization. A rec room serves three main purposes: providing a space for relaxation, entertainment, and celebration, as well as storage. When converting an attached garage, you must address several considerations. One of these involves heating and air conditioning. Usually, garages lack connection to the household heating system, but you can fix this by having an HVAC professional install additional vents and return vents for proper air circulation. It’s crucial to verify that your heating and central air system can effectively handle the increased square footage.

Depending on what you anticipate, using your new space for, you may need to install new lighting.

For home theaters, bright incandescent track lighting with dimmer switches is ideal. Ensure well-lit basement stairs for party safety.

When considering flooring options, you’ll encounter certain aspects that require attention. Insulation stands out among these considerations. Attached garages typically feature poured concrete floors, which remain cold during winter due to direct contact with the frozen ground. To combat this issue, the floor chosen for your new garage rec room should be insulated against the cold. One solution involves using indoor/outdoor carpeting installed over insulated padding, which prevents heat loss in the room. Additionally, regardless of the material chosen for interior walls, insulation will likely be necessary. To complete the aesthetic, some form of molding will be needed where the walls meet the floors. For this, you can use an easy-to-install coil of vinyl cove base.

For basement rec room conversions, your primary concern is going to be safety.

The first order of business is to confirm that your basement staircase is up to code. There should be a handrail adequate for both adults and children to use, and the risers on the staircase should have a solid backing to keep people from slipping through when ascending the stairs in a hurry. As far as the walls are concerned, you can finish off the basement the right way with studs and drywall, but you can save money by using aluminum studs and sheet rock screws. As for flooring, there is no good reason to use either linoleum, or fabric carpet tiles to create a good-looking and comfortable floor. Carpet tiles have the advantage of adding insulating material to the cold floor. Once again, in the area where walls join with floors you need to cover those joints and for this kind of application there can be no better choice than vinyl cove base.