Vinyl Corner Guards

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Vinyl Corner Guards

Vinyl corner guards have been growing very popular for commercial buildings as an efficient wall protector that can be used both indoor and outdoors, in all types of weather conditions. The function of vinyl rubber guards in a warehouse building prevent any damage of the wall area during the operating machinery or in the office with desks or chairs that may accidentally be bumped along the wall. Vinyl rubber corner guards can be conveniently placed in a horizontal or vertical direction on the corners of walls, protecting them from any type of scratch, scuff or other damage, as people work. Vinyl corner guards can be utilized inside office buildings, hotels, hospitals and other private commercial buildings .

Most vinyl corner guards can be mounted easily, from the floor to the ceiling. The vinyl corner guard snaps on easily to the corner of interior walls. The durability of this vinyl material gives walls a strong resistance to any impact that may happen during a busy office day. They have a very polished finished look. When one is considering what type of vinyl corner guards they wish to use in their office space, they must first be aware of any potential abuse that specific walls may face in a given day. The corner guards have an anti-bacterial element added as well as being resistant to everyday stains.

The array of colors available are both neutral for office spaces that have a solid color scheme, as well as contrasted colors that match any additional sheet wall protectors.

You can also paint them to match any custom color that complements the overall color scheme and interior design. Vinyl protective wall guards offer great cost-effectiveness compared to aluminum corner guards, enabling bulk purchases. The color options include black, green, white, and various gradients in between.

With the combination of having a seamless aesthetic quality along with protecting against a variety of common daily impacts that the wall may be subject to in a given day, vinyl protective wall guards are indeed a great investment all around.