DIY Projects with Acrylic Sheets

If you’ve ever walked into a fancy home decor shop, you’ve likely seen designer furniture pieces and accessories made out of acrylic, plexiglass, or lucite. Of course, you’ll also see designer price tags attached. Consider crafting your own look-a-likes at a fraction of the cost.


Make a terrarium table using acrylic sheets and these instructions from blogger Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess. To save money, you can purchase the acrylic sheets from Koffler Sales. Prices start from only $19.06!

You can create art work easily and inexpensively using acrylic sheets and lovely leaves or flowers you find while hiking or grown in your garden. Kate Brown Home Workshop has a simple tutorial for a Simple Nature Art Project.

If you are looking to organize notes in an office or classroom setting, this tutorial for a DIY Lightboard is right for you. It will also make an impressive fixture in any meeting space, since it is more colorful and attention grabbing than a simple white board. You’ll want to use acrylic sheets in at least 48″ x 96″ for this project.


Here is our guide to cutting custom shapes out of acrylic:


If you have children or grandchildren at home, consider crafting a clear plexiglass easel for outdoor fun. Plus, it cleans up easily – you can spray it with a garden hose, rinse off the paint and play again on a blank canvas!

Instructions for the DIY outdoor art easel can be found here, via Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Consider tackling a clear acrylic project during a summer weekend, and there is still some time to create something like DIY acrylic corn hole game pieces in time for July 4th weekend.

Koffler Sales wishes you a happy summer, and happy crafting! 

Wood Corner Guards to Add Architectural Character

Corner guards in country kitchen home decorWhether you leased a blank office space or purchased a fixer upper, it’s easy to add architectural character with wood corner guards.

Available with millwork detailing, these corner guards create a custom, upscale look while preventing your walls from damage. This style of corner guard is best suited to traditional, Victorian, colonial or country chic decor. Available in red oak, hard maple, cherry and paint-grade wood, it is easy to find the right product for your space.

Consider using corner guards in your kitchen or any heavily trafficked space at home. If you own a bed and breakfast inn or hotel, you may want to install wood corner guards in the hallways to prevent property damage caused by luggage.

Adding wood corner guards to your property is also more affordable than you think, with prices ranging from $19.19 – $44.65 each.

Here is Brook’s review on our website:

I looked on other websites just saying don’t wast your time.They look great I am so happy I found them ,I ordered 3 and I am ordering 3 more for me and 3 for my daughter .VERY HAPPY.

Millwork wood corner guards for kitchen

To read more customer reviews, you can click here.

Both pictures were sent to us by real customers who are excited to show off their newly protected rooms. We love seeing reviews left by our customers as well as having them send us pictures of their completed projects. To see more Koffler customer photos, check out our board on Pinterest.

If you decide to try this project for yourself, remember to send us a picture of your completed project to be featured on Koffler’s social media pages and for a chance to win a Visa gift card!

DIY Projects With Dad For Father’s Day

We’d like to wish all of the Dads (and male role models) out there a Happy Father’s Day. If you are looking for a unique gift, consider a DIY project you can complete together. Chances are, there are a few things he would like to tackle around his house and an extra set of hands will be appreciated. Plus, he likely would rather have the bonding time with you than a gift card to a restaurant.

Garage specialty flooring by Congoleum ZoN vinyl flooringIf your dad likes to fix up cars, consider helping him fix up his garage. Projects can include adding flooring that is easier to keep clean like vinyl flooring by Congoleum, adding Wall Guard Car Door Cushion Protection, or installing a Diamond Plate Parking Spot to help keep his garage organized.

Likewise, if Dad loves working with his hands in a shop, help him get everything organized by adding pegboards to the walls and installing storage cabinets in his craft space. This will help him keep his tools safe and in place, so he can enjoy his DIY projects more year round.

Premixed grout ready to use easy installation

Does your father wants an updated kitchen or bathroom for Father’s Day, consider installing new tile together. Mapei has Flexcolor CQ Ready To Use Grout that is premixed and easy to apply. Don’t forget primer and sealer to ensure your handiwork lasts a long time.

For a dad who is athletic, consider installing sports-grade flooring and mats in a mud room or exercise area. KSC Sport Floor Mats protect floors from dropped weights, spiked shoes and ice skate blades. It’s does not need to be permanently installed to work either.

Did you know that was founded by a father and son team? Read our story here.