Rubber Stair Tread Ideas

Rubber stair treads are an excellent idea for heavy-traffic staircases, whether you’re looking to improve the stairs for your school, church, or even a home full of energetic children. Rubber stair treads can be used as indoor stair treads and outdoor stair treads (always read the product description to be sure), so they are a very versatile product.

If you are concerned that rubber stair treads will look too industrial try this clever design hack: Choose stair treads in a bright color to add fun and a high-design look to any space!

For floor protection, consider using a team color for a high school or college campus. Many startup offices are incorporating pops of color to encourage creativity and innovation — why not in the stairwell? At home, slips and falls can happen on basement stairs. Rubber stair treads are not slippery and can help prevent accidents. The texture of a rubber step is easier to climb for many aging pets as well. For basement stairs, you can choose a classic color that will match your decor or you can add personality with a fun color — like your child’s favorite color.

One cool idea you’ll find on the Koffler Sales site is to combine different shades of the same color to create an ombré staircase.

Rubber stair treads and floor tile in bright blue with circle pattern
Purple steps with rubber stair treads
Patio steps in black rubber with concrete
Ombre steps with industrial rubber stair treads
Cool modern stairs with modern railing

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About Rubber Stair Treads

About Rubber Stair TreadsRubber stair treads are becoming more and more popular every day. People of all walks of life are becoming more eager to install rubber stair treads to ensure that their stairway is slip resistant and safe for everyone to pass through. There are many different advantages of using rubber stair treads. Read on and get to know more about these wonderful pieces of construction materials.

The mean reason why many people are using rubber stair treads is that they are very effective in keeping the stairs slip resistant. Where is rubber commonly seen? Aside from rubber stair treads, rubber can also be used in tires, mats, handles, and many other things that require grip. The key here is grip. It is vital that the stair treads are installed with rubber stair treads to ensure that there will be grip between the shoes of the person walking on it and the treads of the stairs themselves. Among the many different materials used in making treads slip resistant, rubber is the most effective. This is mainly because they are naturally slip resistant. They are known to be able to stay that way for a long time, too. This is why more and more people are opting for rubber stair treads rather than get others.

Another reason why many people love rubber stair treads is that they are cost effective. There are many different shops and stores that sell these stair treads. There are a lot of online hardwares that offer free delivery of these things. Therefore, one can perform a simple search operation in the major search engines and see how many rubber stair treads are available out there. This being said, these vendors are competing with each other. They are competing whether who will be able to give the best prices. However, keep in mind that the price is not the only factor to be considered when buying rubber stair treads. Quality should be taken into consideration first and foremost. Make sure that the vendor has been in the industry for the longest time. This will be a guarantee that they will be able to give the best prices, the greatest qualities, and superlative service all together.

Installing these stair treads is not hard even. Some people ask professional builders to do the job. But really, a person who knows tools can easily do the job. The thing is that there are some of these stair treads that have adhesives on one of their surfaces. If the person installing is not too much exposed to doing such things, these are the best ones to get. This is because these are the stair treads that can be installed much like ordinary tapes do. As long as the surfaces of the area where the treads will be installed are smooth, clean, and dry, it will be very easy to attach them. Just make sure that the adhesive of the treads are not compromised by dust and other particles. As long as it is clean and uncompromised, they can be pressed firmly to the area where they are going to be attached. After a few minutes, the treads will be ready to be walked on.

Vinyl Rubber Stair Treads

Vinyl Rubber Stair Treads
vinyl rubber stair treads

Vinyl rubber stair treads are coverings usually adhered on top of a stair structure. These treads provide greater friction and grip that can lower risks of slips and falls that may subsequently result in bumps to the head, injuries to the body or even more critical outcomes. This is a perfect accessory for houses and offices wherein there is a considerable flight of stairs and kids or disabled people are present. The treads will also support in prolonging the lifespan of the stair by covering and protecting it from getting wet or other external elements that the stair is exposed and vulnerable from.

The importance of vinyl rubber stair treads are quickly growing and expanding as more and more safety-conscious individuals move into high-rise settlements including multi-story homes and apartment units. Vinyl stair treads are finding greater acceptance among home and building owners as they arrive very cost-efficient and provide identical high levels of efficiency as compared with expensive alternatives.

If you are purchasing for stairs installed at a high-rise facility, then there is no room for errors or compromises in choosing tread measurements since the fate of the lives of hundreds of people are placed under your hands and your final decision as to which stair treads best suit the circumstance. Moreover, if you are a building contractor, then failing to strictly follow guidelines set for stair standards may entail in harsh consequences from legal authorities and organizations, and the contractor may be viewed accountable and punishable for his/her negligence towards human safety and being unsuccessful towards conforming with public responsibilities.

To guarantee safety, then it is wise to follow rules and regulations referring to stair and tread installation. The allowable estimation of a riser that you can utilize for a stair is 8 inches. Nonetheless, if you already have stairs and you cannot remodel it because of inadequacy of space or perhaps lack of finances, you can make it much safer and securer for everyone living within the premises and using the pathway through addition of a stable and solid hand rail.

The integral rule of thumb for the vinyl rubber stair treads is to maintain the installation with its local building standards and guidelines. Remember that you should have long stairs with a sufficiently lengthy elevation. Through assurance that the dimensions are invariably around 17 to 18 inches for the stair treads, you can make sure that your environment is safer and much more pleasurable even when simply scaling the stairs.

The purchase and acquisition of vinyl or rubber treads warrants appropriate installation and maintenance interventions to be able to guarantee full satisfaction guaranteed. For rare and specialized situations, you should contact a trustworthy specialist for invaluable advice and recommendations.

During preparation of the vinyl rubber stair treads for stair integration, the surface of the steps should be leveled, clean, and dry and absent from imperfections like grease, oil, paint or former coverings and adhesives. Wood-designed stair steps should be comprehensively nailed down to ensure that the nails don’t have to be repaired or tightened once the tread is laid out into its proper position, which may cause hassles and troubles for the installer.

Vinyl Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber Stair Treads
rubber stair treads

Prevention using rubber stair treads is the key to eliminating thousands of needless falls, slips, injuries and deaths while using stairs. It is a simple, affordable solution to a dangerous problem. So serious a problem that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OSHA calls for slip resistance stair standards. Stair treads are the real answer to the slip and fall problems that happen on stairways every day.

Having said that, interior rubber stair treads come in an array of designs as well as having abrasive strips if one desires.They are usually placed indoors for both residential and commercial purpose, but not outdoors. They can be placed on indoor steps to basements, attics, split level mini stairs, and anywhere else there is one step or more in the home.

Moreover, exterior rubber stair treads have been approved via testings for all climates in any outdoor use. These types of treads are ideal for stadiums, bowls, ices, decks, and additional indoor- outdoor uses. Perhaps one would want to use this tread type for a boat or other watercraft. This is a tough stair tread that cannot be beat when it comes to the outdoors.

In addition, rubber stair treads come with different features so everyone can find something they need. Some of the rubber treads are oil and grease resistant, many have curved noses, but there are also square nosed ones too. Various treads have adjustable noses. Stair nosing and floor bordering are made to match.

Fortunately, abrasive strip rubber stair treads have abrasive strips built in for surplus no-slip security. Use these near entrances and wherever else water and snow can cause risky conditions for an accident. Inside stairs may need these to prevent falls. Flat surface rubber stair treads are best for using on the interior stairs.

Likewise, one new tread is that of one-piece rubber stair treads and riser together, which allows easy cleansing and seamless installing. It features many assets, but the most spectacular is that it’s flameproof with ablaze outspread grading of 75 or lower, to comply with ASTM-E84. Also, they have an embossed pattern and they come in over 25 exciting colors to match any decor.

Be that as it may, one of the most economical stair treads is the vinyl safety step treads. One can easily find these common stair treads for his dorm room or apartment. Even though they are made for indoor residential, they are used in industries as well, for light and difficult duties.

Besides, there are many styles and colors to choose from to make a staircase splendidly colorful and bright instead of drab and dull. Dress up those bare stairs. Stair treads enhance and complete the look.

Most importantly, tend to the dangerous stairs that have nothing on them at all. There could be accidents prevented in the future from just a little bit of time, money, and energy in putting rubber stair treads on those stairs. has all that one will need for any stair tread project and prices start at under $20.

Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber Stair Treads Johnsonite/Roppe

Rubber Stair Treads Johnsonite/Roppe
(Lake Zurich, IL, March 20, 2012)  –  Slip and fall accidents can happen everywhere. But one of the most dangerous places that they can occur are along the stairs. Whether you operate a commercial building and want to keep your workers safe, or you are a homeowner who is worried about their friends and family becoming injured on the stairs, you can eliminate the possibility of accidents by using stair treads.

Buy on-line Roppe or Johnsonite rubber stair treads to reduce Slip & Fall accidents. Koffler Sales Company knows the importance of using quality materials and products to create stair treads to keep people safe. The company sells stair treads for interior or exterior use in apartment buildings, homes, industrial plants, commercial buildings, athletic stadiums, ice arenas, dormitories, institutions, and outdoor residential areas such as decks. Stair treads are available in a variety of designs and material types. You can purchase rubber stair treads, vinyl stair treads, fiberglass stair treads, and metal stair treads. Koffler Sales Company also carries top quality brands of Johnsonite rubber stair treads and Roppe rubber stair treads.Most stair treads come with ribbed or textured surfaces that offer increased traction for shoes to grip when walking up and down stairs. Abrasive stripes along the treads increases slip-resistance to provide a safe environment, while adhesives allow for an easy application and installation of all your stair treads.

The safety of workers, family, and friends is paramount. With Koffler Sales Company’s rubber stair treads, you can eliminate slip and fall accidents., is the nation’s leading provider of Floor and Wall Protection Products. provides a one-stop e-commerce resource that covers all of North America (

Rubber Stair Treads Johnsonite/Roppe

Outdoor Rubber Stair Treads

Outdoor Rubber Stair Treads

Outdoor rubber stair treads can help prevent dangerous slips and falls. It is a shame that so many YouTube viewers seem to think that trip and falls are entertaining. Videos featuring people taking falls receive tens of thousands of views. Given that falls are ranked third among the leading causes of accidental death in the United States, preventing trip and falls should be a serious concern for all homeowners, landlords, and business owners. Deaths from falls are a growing safety concern as the nation’s population ages. The Australian Commission on Occupational Health and Safety has developed a comprehensive report on preventing falls (please be patient, it takes a while to load).

Outdoor stairs, especially during the winter and rainy months, are a frequent source of trip and falls. Enhancing outdoor stairway safety is easy with to accomplish by installing outdoor rubber stair treads. Outdoor rubber stair treads offer a solution for reducing serious accidents. Rubber stair treads provide years of enhanced safety even when exposed to harsh winter weather and rainy seasons and maintain non-slip traction all year round. In addition to preventing falls, installing rubber stair treads also reduces potential liability suit exposure.

The basic function of rubber stair treads on outdoor stairways is to provide a surface that resists slipping and falls. A simple outdoor rubber stair treads can convert dangerous stairs into a safer environment. Safe stairs starts with one word….Prevention.

A comprehensive selection of rubber stair treads is available at Koffler Sales. Their customer service department is available to assist you with selecting the type of stair treads that best fit your requirements. Contact Koffler Sales at (888) 355-6287.

Outdoor Rubber Stair Treads