Are You Ready for Patio Weather?

Koffler Sales’ headquarters is located an hour outside of Chicago in Lake Zurich, IL. Unlike the rest of the United States, we are some of the last to experience spring weather — but when it is here, we fully embrace it! We look forward to celebrating spring and summer by spending our time outside. Are you ready for patio weather?

Most of our blog posts are about ways you can improve the inside of your home or business, but we want to share tips to get your patio and backyard ready for summer activities.

Chemsol non slip coating for pools, side walks, work sitesPatios can get slick from a morning rain, so ensure your friends and family can enjoy outdoor time together without slips or falls by applying a non slip coating to your patio. Available in a variety of designer colors, Chemsol Non Slip Coating is easy to apply and will help beautiful your patio area. Choose a neutral color like beige or wow neighbors and guests with a bold designer look using red or blue stain.

Your family is likely going in and out more often during the warmer months. To keep grass clippings and other outdoor debris outdoors, consider an Entrance Mat to catch outside dirt and more. Our industrial mats won’t slip and slide.

Prevent night time accidents in the darkStairs can be hazardous any time of year, but they can especially be dangerous when children are running up and down them during the early evening. Make sure stairs are visible for your family and guests using Glow In The Dark Tape. You can also use the glow in the dark tape around the edge of your patio, to make sure no one trips and falls.

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Protecting Property in Winter

As most of the United States is covered in ice and snow, the last thing you may want to do is spend more time outside to protect your property from damage. But with some quick and easy fixes for protecting property in winter, you will be able to save time, money and frustration over time.

logo mats

  • Consider adding metal stair treads to wooden steps. Wood contracts and expands with temperature changes, and a metal stair tread can keep everything secure and in place. Bonus: A non-slip surface will also prevent slips and falls.
  • Add an all-weather mat in front of all entrances. An all-weather mat made of commercial-grade quality will keep nasty slush outside, so you don’t damage your interior floors.
  • Add parking stops to your business’ on-site parking. When snow is present, it is hard for your customers and your employees to stay within one space. Parking stops will prevent accidents and property damage.

The best part? You may not have to wait to make these easy, affordable improvements. may be able to ship out in-stock items same day!

Anti-Slip Floor Tape

Anti-Slip Floor Tape
anti-slip floor tape

Anti-slip floor tape can help to avoid painful situations. While Benjamin Franklin might have thought it better to “slip with foot than tongue”, slipping with foot can be mighty painful. Depending on your age and health condition, it can cause broken bones, bruises and sprains. So the anti-slip floor tape seems like a rather nifty idea.

What is an anti-slip floor tape?
A slip resistant surface meant for general purposes, the anti-slip floor tape reduces the possibilities of slipping and falling on even and smooth or rough and uneven surfaces. It can be used on any surface – indoors and outdoors on stairs, ramps in hospitals, apartment complexes and homes, vehicles and equipment.

Why do you need it?
If safety comes first for you, you cannot compromise on anti-slip floor tape. As countries tighten laws on Health and Safety at the workplace, as an employer it becomes a duty to provide safe and secure work environments. It is also important when one considers the Disability Discrimination Act, which seeks to ensure that ‘reasonable adjustments’ are made to provide employment opportunities to the differently-abled. Apart from the fixtures already described, employees should have safety in public facilities, entries and exits and elevators, among others.

The anti-slip floor tape enables safety in all these areas by a simple application. Furthermore, at homes, the anti-slip floor tape is an excellent safety precaution when it comes to seniors and the elderly. It can prevent falls, especially on stairways and bathrooms. It can be used not only on floors, but on hand rails too.

Types of anti-slip floor tape
Here at, anti-slip floor tape comes in different sizes and colors and can be chosen depending in the requirement.

For steps and areas that see a lot of footfall, the tapes are grainy to the touch, glow-in-the-dark and have “Watch your Step” and “Caution” printed on it. For your bathroom and shower, you might need a rubberized anti-slip floor tape that provides excellent traction. In fact, 3M™ Safety-Walk™ or KSC Resilient anti-slip floor tape is ideal for wet surfaces, including boats. These come in both strips and rolls form.

On a construction site, where there is loads of activity and accumulation of dirt, sawdust, grease, other liquids and metal shavings, has a special heavy duty course anti-slip floor tape. This does not use an adhesive, but is actually spray painted and water proof. In areas that contain debris, this spray-on anti-slip floor tape is an ideal choice.

You can choose the Conformable anti-slip floor tape for those tricky, non-contoured surfaces. Here the tape comes in rolls and can be made to fit into any shape. It is made of solid mineral, coated with glue-backed aluminum foil. This makes the tape anti-slip; what could be worse than slippery anti-slip floor tape!

While the anti-slip floor tape is not affected by water, oil and grease, if you are using it on wooden floors and surfaces, it is better to seal the wood before applying. Here you have a choice of Regular Grip or Super Grip and both are great for general purposes.

Anti-Slip Floor Tape

Anti-Slip Tape and Anti-Skid Adhesives

Anti-Slip Tape and Anti-Skid Adhesives
anti-slip tape

Anti-slip tape comes in all different colors which you can use for marking a specific area. This certain tape can adhere to most clean, dry surface. The tape has a semi-matte surface. It is best used on doors, walls and pipes and other equipment.

It can be used for safety for those slippery areas in and around the home. The bathtub is a great example. You can place vinyl anti-slip tape in the bottom of your bathtub so that you or your little ones do not slip and fall. It is resistant to the water that it will come in contact with.

High visibility, or hazard warning anti-slip tape is great for the areas that may become wet and you want people to be cautious of the area, yet provide a non-slip area. It will bring a high attention to the hazardous area. These tapes offer superior durability and also contain a chemical resistance.


A cushion safety mat anti-slip pad is excellent for use in dry or wet areas. It will reduce the worker fatigue while resisting grease, oil and chemicals.

You will also come across the anti-slip abrasive tape. It is a non-skid abrasive film that is backed with a sensitive adhesive so that you will be able to use the tape in any area where slipping is a hazard. It is easily adhered to any smooth surface. It also has impeccable effects against grease, oil, water and most acids.

The reflective tape comes in a variety of colors. They will suit your need to apply to any surface. They can reflect light up close or far range distances. They are also available for daytime and night time use.

There are an array of different tapes to be used for whatever your need is.

Anti-Slip Tape and Anti-Skid Adhesives