Are You Ready for Patio Weather?

Koffler Sales’ headquarters is located an hour outside of Chicago in Lake Zurich, IL. Unlike the rest of the United States, we are some of the last to experience spring weather — but when it is here, we fully embrace it! We look forward to celebrating spring and summer by spending our time outside. Are you ready for patio weather?

Most of our blog posts are about ways you can improve the inside of your home or business, but we want to share tips to get your patio and backyard ready for summer activities.

Chemsol non slip coating for pools, side walks, work sitesPatios can get slick from a morning rain, so ensure your friends and family can enjoy outdoor time together without slips or falls by applying a non slip coating to your patio. Available in a variety of designer colors, Chemsol Non Slip Coating is easy to apply and will help beautiful your patio area. Choose a neutral color like beige or wow neighbors and guests with a bold designer look using red or blue stain.

Your family is likely going in and out more often during the warmer months. To keep grass clippings and other outdoor debris outdoors, consider an Entrance Mat to catch outside dirt and more. Our industrial mats won’t slip and slide.

Prevent night time accidents in the darkStairs can be hazardous any time of year, but they can especially be dangerous when children are running up and down them during the early evening. Make sure stairs are visible for your family and guests using Glow In The Dark Tape. You can also use the glow in the dark tape around the edge of your patio, to make sure no one trips and falls.

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About Anti Slip Tape For Stairs

Anti Slip Tape For StairsThe stairs of pretty much any structure can be dangerous if they are not properly made. There are certain materials that can be used that can cause stairs and treads to be slippery and dangerous for people, especially when they are wet. This is why anti slip tape for stairs is invented. Basically, the anti slip tape for stairs is a kind of tape that is installed along the edges of the stairs and treads. This will ensure that the steps of the stairs will not be slipper for people to slip through. Also, this will ensure that people will not get tripped when they are passing the stairs, even when they are in a hurry.

There are only advantages when it comes to anti slip tape for stairs. The safety and protection of the people that will pass through the stairs and the treads are the primary advantage of installing the anti slip tape for stairs. Safety is vital no matter what kind of structure is being talked about. The thing is that there are many different structures that have stairs and treads – some a lot and some even just a couple. When it comes to homes, these anti slip tape for stairs are very useful especially when there are children who will most likely be running around the house. No one wants their children to fall from stairs. This is very dangerous. Therefore, when there are stairs in the house, even when they are just a few, it is very smart to get anti slip tape for stairs and install them at the edges of all the treads around.

When it comes to the workplace, these anti slip tape for stairs are very useful too. People in the workplace are always moving around and about. Many people go up and down the stairs at all times. No matter what the material of the treads may be, it is still important that there are anti slip tape for stairs installed in them so as to ensure that people will not go falling in these stairs. The best thing about these anti slip tape for stairs is that they are flexible enough to be installed no matter what materials are used in the treads of the stairs. Whether it is wood, tiles, or whatever, installing anti slip tapes is very important. Even when the materials used in the treads are not deemed slippery, it is still very important that there are anti slip tapes installed. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

For the many advantages brought about by these anti slip tape for stairs they are very affordable. These anti slip tape are available everywhere, too. However, it is important that one should make sure that the anti slip tape that they get are made out of the most durable materials. It is important that the adhesives that are used to install them are might strong too. If any of these two are compromised, the anti slip power of these tapes might end up being compromised as well.

Anti-slip Tape For Stairs

Slips and falls on staircases are one of the common phenomena in majority of residential and commercial establishments. Injuries due to slips constitute a high percentage of both home and work accidents. It can be prevented on a large extent with the help of anti-slip tape for stairs.

When it is about the safety of your family members at home or about the employees at the workplace, anti-slip tape for stairs from Koffler stairs is one of the best choices. Applying the non slip tape for stairs is beneficial as it helps to prevent getting slipped in stairs.

Anti-slip tape for stairs is extensively used at residential buildings, shops, industrial staircases, in ramp shows and almost everywhere where there are chances of slips and falls. It might lead to serious injuries which can be sometimes fatal too. Why would you risk your life?

Why are staircases so prone to slips and falls? It is because the stairs provide very little traction between the walking surface area of the staircase and your footwear. Slips might occur because of oily or wet surfaces, loose mat flooring, occasional water spills or any other drinks etc.

For whatever reason your staircases are slippery, anti-slip tape for stairs are the ultimate solution. There are thousands of people who are regularly falling prey to slips and falls and getting injured.

Anti-slip tape for stairs from Koffler sales is one of the best slip resistant products against falls. This is an immediate and quick solution to slips and falls. Whether the trouble is with your interior stairs or the exterior ones, Koffler sales has solution for everything.

Anti-slip tape for stairs are designed in such a fashion that it delivers an extra coverage for traction between your feet and the walking surface. It is indeed an excellent choice for both indoor as well as outdoor covering.

The anti-slip tape for stairs is available in variable shapes and sizes along with a wide variety of colors and textures. Hence, you can pick the anti-slip tape in coordination with the color of the walls of your building. It fits perfectly with the décor of your building.

Anti-slip tape is particularly helpful for those staircases that regularly get wet. It is common for those buildings that have stairs outside. It may not be the best thing to enhance the decoration of your stairs but are indeed the best choice for public area staircases like schools, shops, offices, industries and so on.

Anti-slip tape for stairs is extremely durable and provides a safe and suitable walking surface. Do you know the anti-slip tape for stairs from is capable to resist any kind of weather conditions?

The waterproof anti-slip tape for stairs is very easy to install because of its self adhesive features. Moreover you can easily remove the old installation and replace with a new one.

Don’t worry about anti-slip tapes getting wrinkled or getting folded. It stays where you fit them. Make your life easier and injury free by the application of anti-slip tapes for your staircases from