Stay Safe on Tile with Our Tips

Keep you and your family safe when using a tile surface. Tile is an excellent floor material, because it is durable, attractive and easy to keep clean, but it also comes with its own share of risks. When using a tile surface, be careful of slippery surfaces and broken pieces. Fortunately, it is easy to keep you and others safe on tile using some clever products.

Bath and shower grip tape to prevent tile accidentsWhenever water hits tile, it can become slippery. A non-slip grip tape designed for your bath and shower will help keep people safe while using your bathroom. There are also thicker, industrial versions that are perfect for a pool area!

Koffler Sales offers top-notch commercial bath and shower tape by leading brands 3M and KSC in a variety of dimensions.

Be sure to keep a close eye out for water left on the tile, so you will not slip and fall. Tile is a very hard surface and it is very easy to get a large painful bruise or break a small bone after falling on tile.

Floor-mats-for-home-office-gym-shops-hotelMats can also help prevent tile accidents. By absorbing liquids and providing a grip surface, a good mat will prevent slipping and falling on tile. Consider using a mat to absorb water in your entrance way for your shop, hotel, office or home. You can also use commercial grade mats outside of showers in a locker room (we recommend this style) or any space that has water on tile.

A mat will also be able to temporary cover a broken tile before it is replaced safely. Broken tiles over have jagged edges that can cut bare skin or damage shoes.

Roppe Vinyl Edge Trim - ADA wheelchair compliant Tile can have very sharp edges, so to prevent accidents as people walk from one flooring material to a tiled area, we recommend adding a piece of edging trim for a smooth (and safe!) transition. Keep in mind that if two flooring surfaces are not flush with each other, people can trip. A piece of edge trim will cover any unevenness and will make the surface easier to use for people in wheelchairs too.

Whether you want vinyl edge trim by Roppe or slim line transition edging by Johnsonite, Koffler Sales offers a wide selection to help you find the perfect product for your home, office, or hotel.

What should you do if you do accidentally slip and fall? If you are 100% sure that you have not broken a bone or suffered a moderate soft tissue injury (in which case, seek emergency medical treatment immediately), consider using a bag of frozen vegetables as an ice pack. Press firmly on the bruise to reduce blood flow to the area (compression reduces bruising). After 24 hours, switch from cold therapy to hot with either an electric blanket or hot water compresses.

Stay safe, friends!

3m Anti Slip Tape

Anti slip products have been in use for decades but nothing can match the quality of 3m anti slip tape from Koffler sales. The anti slip tapes are used in various applications in contemporary industrial sectors as well as in commercial buildings.

You cannot ignore the importance of 3m anti slip tape that not only provides you a safe and secure environment but is extremely durable. Use of the anti slip tapes significantly decreases the risks of accidents occurring out of slips and falls.

The use of 3m anti slip tape is unlimited because it can be used for a number of different things. For instance, it is very helpful in public places that are vulnerable to slippery. The anti slip tapes have been in use in diverse fields like hotels and restaurants, retail stores, medical industry and so on.

If you have a surface that often becomes slippery and there is a huge volume of traffic, 3m anti slip tape is the product that you are looking for. The use of anti slip tape reduces the risk of any mishaps on uneven and slippery surfaces.

3m anti slip tape is significantly useful in the offices and public areas where the foot traffic is very high. Majority of workers suffer from accidents and injuries due to slips and falls. This unwanted situation can be prevented with appropriate prevention methods.

The perfect solution is the application of 3m anti slip tape in areas where there is the possibility of getting slipped.  The anti slip tapes available at Koffler sales are very reasonably priced but it can bring an impressive difference to the safety of employees as well as the public.

The 3m anti slip tape is very easy to apply and requires very low maintenance. Because of the long lasting adhesives used in the anti slip tapes you don’t have to worry about its fantastic slip resistance for a long span of time.

No other product like 3m anti slip tape can make your home and other places so safe and secure from the danger of skidding on slippery surfaces. When you purchase the anti slip tapes from Koffler sales be assured to experience the protective foot gripping required.

There are numerous restaurants and hotels that are very particular with the use of 3m anti slip tape that has saved them from compensation cases and law suits on many occasions. The anti slip tapes act as an insurance for commercial sectors.

3m anti slip tapes are not limited only in workplaces. They are also of great use at homes especially where there are elderly people and children. It is applicable for both interior as well as exterior use.

Because of its quality and effectiveness 3m anti slip tapes have been helping people all around from getting injured. What are you waiting for? Order your product today and bring a difference in your as well as others lives. Why risk lives with accidents when there is a solution and can be prevented at an affordable price rate?