Steel Stair Treads

Steel Stair TreadsSteel stairs are economical and safe and are long lasting substitute than the usual wooden stairs. Steel stairs are light in weight and are made from excellent rust free stainless steel. The steel stairs are easy to install and brought into action. Steel stairs can get pretty slippery in acute weather conditions increasing potential harm. To reduce the risk of accidents on these stairs, stairs steel stair treads have been designed and developed.

A great innovation, stair treads are economical, non slippery and do not require much cleaning and maintenance. These rust free, light weight and non shiny steel stair treads are ideally suited for caustic surroundings, hot-tempered areas, food preparation and cargo space areas. Steel stair treads are designed and manufactured in a variety of styles. They range from welded, swage-locked, press-locked and riveted steel treads.

Welded steel stair treads are the most extensively used for their potency and simplicity of installation and are collectively used in most industrialized and mercantile applications.

Riveted steel stair treads have a better weight carrying capability for the same distance and intensity of bearing bar and better walking console. Both can be well-organized with a ragged plane for supplementary protection.

Swage-locked bar steel stair treads propose an elevated strength at less mass and lower price.

Rectangular bar, press-locked or swage-locked, steel stair treads offer a superior power and stiffness-to-weight relation and are offered with a jagged surface when extra security is requisite.

Numerous designs and styles of steel stair treads full under the two above stated category. These steel stair treads can be customised into any size and length depending on the wideness of the stair way. These styles include a smooth bar grating steel stair treads, serrated steel bar treads, bar grating treads with toe kicks, aluminium stair treads, open and closed raiser diamond plated steel stair treads, non slippery steel stair treads, shur grip steel stair treads, grip span treads, channel grating treads and much more.

Aluminium steel stair treads are contrived with a serrated top for providing a better and a firm grip; build in with a non slip nosing these steel stairs treads reduces any potential accidents that can occur.

The Anti slip open riser steel stair treads are made by depositing a CNC beam. In this process hundreds of rough slip-resistant laser rays are transported to every square foot of a substrate.

Shur grip steel stair treads are comprises of a unique design. It is made up of large holes and pierced buttons that give a good grip when walking on them and offers a brilliant protection and non slip performance in all circumstances. This type of steel stair treads does not need much maintenance. The holes allow it to self clean, drain out the water and prevent getting dirty from mud and other sticky items.

Grip span steel stair treads can be manufactured using both Grip Span and Shur Grip security plates. This steel stair tread are installed using a bolt connection. Providing a non slip resistance, this stair tread is easy to maintain.

The steel stair treads can be custom made into any size. A variety to choose from, select the best one that applies to you.