Steel Stair Treads

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Steel Stair Treads

Steel Stair TreadsEconomical and safe, steel stairs surpass the longevity of traditional wooden stairs. Crafted from lightweight, rust-free stainless steel, these stairs are both easy to install and put into use. However, steel stairs can become slippery in severe weather conditions, posing a potential hazard. To reduce the risk of accidents on these stairs, designers have introduced innovatively designed stair treads.

Representing a remarkable innovation, these stair treads offer economic benefits, slip resistance, and minimal cleaning and maintenance requirements. Ideal for caustic environments, high-temperature areas, food preparation spaces, and cargo storage zones, these rust-free, lightweight, and non-reflective steel stair treads come in various styles, including welded, swage-locked, press-locked, and riveted options.

Among these styles, users widely prefer welded stair treads for their strength, straightforward installation, and widespread application across industrial and commercial settings.

Riveted steel stair treads have a better weight-carrying capability for the same distance and intensity of the bearing bar and better walking console. You can organize both with a ragged plane for additional protection.

Swage-locked bar stair treads propose an elevated strength at less mass and lower price.

Rectangular bar steel stair treads, available in press-locked or swage-locked configurations, deliver superior power and stiffness-to-weight ratios. It features a serrated surface for increased security when additional safety is required.

Various designs and styles fall under the two categories mentioned above, offering flexibility for customization based on the width of the stairway. These styles include smooth bar grating, serrated steel bar, toe kick bar grating, aluminum, open and closed raiser diamond-plated, non-slippery, shur grip, grip span, and channel grating treads, among others.

Aluminium stair treads feature a serrated top to provide a better and firmer grip, and they incorporate a non-slip nosing to reduce the risk of potential accidents.

The production of the Anti-slip open riser stair treads involves depositing a CNC beam.

In this process, hundreds of rough slip-resistant laser rays are actively transported to every square foot of a substrate.

Shur grip steel stair treads feature a distinctive design with large holes and pierced buttons, providing excellent grip, superior protection, and non-slip performance. Furthermore, the self-cleaning holes that enable efficient water drainage and prevent the accumulation of dirt, mud, and sticky substances require minimal maintenance.

Manufacturers can produce Grip Span stair treads using both Grip Span and Shur Grip security plates, and users can facilitate installation through a bolt connection. Additionally, offering non-slip resistance, this stair tread is easily maintainable.

Customized to any size, steel stair treads provide a range of options for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.