Stair Treads Non-Slip

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Stair Treads Non-Slip

Stair ways and staircases are among the most accident prone places. There are variety of reasons why individuals falls on stairs and one of them being a health inability like vision impairment, dizziness due to a particular sickness or common collapse and fainting. However individuals may also simply trip and fall in stairways. Accidents cannot be planned but they can be predictable. Slippery stairs always expose individuals to accidents. Therefore people have come up with ways of introducing non-slip stair treads to reduce these accidents.

Several methods are nowadays used to create friction and increase the grip between our footsteps and the stair steps so as to reduce chances of us slipping, falling and hurting ourselves. These solutions come in variety of materials, shapes, sizes and difference in installing them on our stairs. Lets look at some of the most common methods of creating non-slip stair treads:

Stair trade rubbers

Rubber is commonly known for its ability to create intense friction when it comes into contact with another object, a major reason it is being used in tires. Therefore this aspect has probed constructors and architects to be able to come up with rubber stair treads. Rubber stair reads reduce chances of individuals slipping on the stair as it has the capacity to form a very strong grip between a foot step and the stair step thus causing maxim stability of the individual on the stairs. The speed to which the individual is moving does not determine the extent of the grip.

Stair tread Carpets

Another common remedy for slipping off stairs is the using of carpet stair treads. Carpet stair treads also create as much friction as possible and lower the event to which an individual may fall from the stair ways by slipping. Carpets also are mostly rough in texture to enable a much stronger grip with the foot and increase stability. Installing carpets mostly involves the use of industrial glues which effectively hold the carpet onto the floor as a carpet which is not held tightly on the floor and moves about is also as dangerous as not putting a stair tread or even worse.

Stair tread lowes

These also ensure safety on the stair cases and stair ways. They are stair tread covers made from material which is meant to reducing slipping chances for individuals thus reducing the risk that come with accidents. The material used to make stair tread lowes is usually rough in nature to increase the extent of the friction between the footsteps and the stair cases and create a non slip environment for users of the staircases. However much care and maintenance is needed on the stair tread lows as exposure and accumulation of dirt, grime and moisture may increase the chances of these covers becoming slippery and causing worse accidents to the users of the staircases.

Stair tread caps – these are basically stair tread covers which also ensure that enough grip is available on the stairs which ensures individuals are protected from slippery surfaces which leads to accidents. The stair tread caps are one of the most effective ways of creating a slip resistant surface.