Stair Nosing

stair nosing

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Upon completion, the tile mechanic observes his work of art, as tile applications are most certainly attractive as well as functional. When used in a staircase, the potential of breakage and that of falls can be reduced by installing ceramic tile stair nosing. They help ensure the longevity of the tile workmanship, as well the safety of those upon the stairs.

When wet, a tile floor can quickly become a hazard as the surface is glass-like and slippery, with the protection offered by ceramic tile stair nosing, a person has a more secure footing whatever the conditions. Available in brass, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel, the ceramic tile stair nosing is a durable product designed for the life of the stair.

Heavy traffic areas in the office allow the practicality of the stair nosing to be appreciated, not to mention the added assurance of limiting the likelihood of falls associated with the sometimes slick surface of ceramic tile. While no product can guarantee the avoidance of falls, the ceramic tile stair nosing, when utilized, can help limit those incidents.

The ceramic tile stair nosing can also reduce the number of tile repair due to chipped edges and broken tile that can add up in repair costs. With the outer edge of the stair protected by the stair nosing, the probability of damage is minimal, making the boss a contented soul. When the bottom line is of utmost importance, the reliability of these products keeps the ink in the black.

Another aspect when using the ceramic tile stair nosing, its purchase has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, offering replacement or refund of the monies spent if dissatisfied. With such an assurance there is little reason to postpone installation of the protective and durable qualities of this fine product. The investment of ceramic tile and its labor intense construction should warrant the additional cost to ensure its service to the company employee and those afforded a safe foundation beneath their feet. Call today and let the proven track record of the product sell itself before ordering the materials for your tile mechanic to improve the look and feel of your workplace.

Stair Nosing