Stair Nosing Tape

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Stair Nosing TapeStair nosing tape plays a vital role in installing stair nosings. But it has more uses too. Some types even glow in the dark.

Koffler Sales offers its Safety and Glow-In-The-Dark Non-Slip Adhesive. This product prevents slips and falls by illuminating stairs in dark areas. It is perfect for staircases in homes, companies, schools, and communal entertainment places such as movie theaters.

Product Offerings from Other Companies


Johnsonite, headquartered in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, pioneered Power Tape, a robust, polyester thread-reinforced, double-sided adhesive tape system exclusively designed for installing Johnsonite Vinyl Stair Nosings on any suitable indoor floor or stair surface. This innovative product caters to high-traffic office centers and communal spaces like airports, schools, and shopping centers, while also finding applications in healthcare, hospitality, retail, and office settings. The Johnsonite Power Tape System is tailored for indoor installation and should be avoided in environments where stair nosings may encounter oily substances, such as industrial kitchens.

For best results, make sure to let Johnsonite Power Tape adjust to the room temperature one day before, during, and after installation. It’s important to keep the temperature between sixty-five and seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit, or eighteen and twenty-four degrees Celsius. If your staircase gets a lot of sun, take precautions during installation to protect the Power Tape from direct sunlight. Remember, Johnsonite Power Tape isn’t meant for outdoor use because too much sun exposure can fade or change its color.

NonSlip Tapes LLC

NonSlip Tapes LLC, a company based in Butler, Pennsylvania, conceived Hazard Glow in the Dark photoluminescent anti-slip tape. It is a genuine, many-sided material. This product has a manufacturing-important anti-slip exterior, danger-caution stripes, and a light emitting glow in the dark top. The danger anti-slip tape would be perfect for drawing attention to stair nosings, unsafe steps, loading dock edges, and all the other possibly unsafe places you might have. Originally, expending an estimated two hours to charge in natural or simulated light, in a bedtime condition, it emits an extremely noticeable light. The manufacturing power self-glue base guarantees that when properly put on, this product stays enduringly resolute. It is used on stair nosing treads, commercial stairs, and dark areas in erect and in bars and clubs.

Phosphorescent Paint Company

The UK-based Phosphorescent Paint Company innovated Green Phosphorescent Adhesive Tape for Steps and Stairs, aiming to indicate stair nosings, stairs, banisters, outlines, obstacles, or doors. These phosphorescent tapes swiftly absorb light and emit a powerful glow that gradually diminishes over time, providing robust visibility. Crafted from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and vinyl, the phosphorescent tapes boast high durability and are effortlessly installable on any soft surfaces.

Stair nosing tape demonstrates remarkable versatility, serving as an essential component in the installation of stair nosings. Moreover, glow-in-the-dark or phosphorescent stair nosing tape can effectively illuminate dark areas. Unlike stair nosing, stair nosing tape transcends its primary function and can be adapted for various other purposes within the realm of stairs.