Stair Nosing Tape

Stair Nosing TapeStair nosing tape is crucial in the installation of stair nosings. However, it has other uses. Some is manufactured as glowing in the dark.

Koffler Sales sells its Safety and Glow-In-The-Dark Non-Slip Adhesive. This product prevents slips and falls by lighting stairs in dark areas. It is perfect for stair cases in homes, companies, schools, and communal entertainment places such as movie theatres.

Product Offerings from Other Companies


Johnsonite, a company based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, created Power Tape. It is an elevated potency, polyester thread fortified, double-sided adhesive tape arrangement intended exclusively for the fitting of Johnsonite Vinyl Stair Nosings on any appropriate inside floor or stair exterior. This product is perfect for extreme-trafficked office centers and communal places like airports, schools, and shopping centers in addition to other health care, hospitality, retail, and office environment uses. The Johnsonite Power Tape System is only for inside installation not suggested for environments where stair nosings will be subjected to oily substances, for example, industrial kitchens.

Johnsonite Power Tape needs to be location accustomed at room temperature one day before, throughout, and following the installation. The temperature needs to be preserved between sixty-five and seventy-five degree Fahrenheit, or eighteen and twenty-four degree Celsius. In staircases that are subjected to strong or nonstop sunlight, the Power Tape needs to be safeguarded throughout the breaking in and installation stages, by concealing the light cause. Johnsonite Power Tape is not suggested for outside use. Contact to unwarranted ultraviolet rays can bring about lightening either or both color difference.

NonSlip Tapes LLC

NonSlip Tapes LLC, a company based in Butler, Pennsylvania, conceived Hazard Glow in the Dark photoluminescent anti-slip tape. It is a genuine, many-sided material. This product has a manufacturing-important anti-slip exterior, danger-caution stripes, and a light emitting glow in the dark top. The danger anti-slip tape would be perfect for drawing attention to stair nosings, unsafe steps, loading dock edges, and all the other possibly unsafe places you might have. Originally, expending an estimated two hours to charge in natural or simulated light, in a bedtime condition, it emits an extremely noticeable light. The manufacturing power self-glue base guarantees that when properly put on, this product stays enduringly resolute. It is used on stair nosing treads, commercial stairs, and dark areas in erect and in bars and clubs.

Phosphorescent Paint Company

UK-based Phosphorescent Paint Company created Green Phosphorescent Adhesive Tape for Steps and Stairs for indicating stair nosings, stairs, banisters, outlines, obstacles, or doors. The phosphorescent tapes fill up rapidly with the light and have a powerful glow that will diminish after an extended time period. They have powerful observance. Since they are made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and vinyl, the phosphorescent tapes are extremely resilient. They are extremely simple to set up any kind of soft exteriors.

Stair nosing tape appears to be extremely versatile. It can be used as an integral part in installing stair nosings. In addition, there is glow in the dark or phosphorescent stair nosing tape that can be utilized in dark areas. Unlike stair nosing, stair nosing tape is not lessened to one primary function. It can be adjusted to something else as well within the realm of stairs.