Stair Nose Trim

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Stair Nose Trim
stair nose trim
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Our company makes a variety of stair nosing trim products to accommodate the needs of contractors, architects, and homeowners. We carry a variety of stair nosing materials for use with hard surfaces such as wood, tile, stone and cement. Not only does our stair nosing add to the professional appearance, but it gives excellent protection against orthopedic injuries.
Our design is a ribbed design for added protection against injuries from falling. Our stair nosing exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OSHA requirements for slip resistance.

Carpeted or tile stairs are very unsafe without stair nose trim. These stairs are more unsafe than wood stairs without the proper protection. The nose trim provides a cover for the corner of the steps, and this is great protection against injuries. We offer a variety of stair nose trim products for every type of application.

Our rubber trim is available in 18 different shapes and dimensions.

The material is made of 10% natural rubber and the rest of the material is a renewable resource that supports the LEED® Green Building Certification System. There are profiles for every application such as fitting an edge under the carpet and securing both with the appropriate adhesive.

Our metal stair nose trim can be used inside or outside. They are an inexpensive way to repair stairs that are in disrepair and pose a hazard indoors and outdoors. This can be applied over nearly any material. Our stair nose trim exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OSHA requirements for slip resistance. These nose trims are made from heavy duty extruded aluminum with predrilled holes appropriately spaced.

Our metal strips have a one-of-a-kind safety traction surface that is a combination of a uniquely formulated epoxy resin non-slip particles that adhere to the strips within the aluminum stair nose trim base.

We offer vinyl stair nosing in a wide variety of colors and profiles. This product can be mounted on any hard surface with lasting quality.
Our Blanke® product line offers many anti-skid and anti- slip stair edging and it is the best edging for stairs subjected to frequent use and water accumulation. A PVC insert is incorporated into an aluminum base and this forms a stair nose that protects against the winter elements.