Stair Edging for Tile

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Stair Edging for Tile
stair edging for tile
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Homeowners who choose hardwood floors or tile over carpet opt for a healthier approach to maintaining indoor air quality. Tile floors, in particular, are easier to maintain and undoubtedly beautiful. However, along with their beauty comes the challenge of slipping on a smooth surface. If the tile extends to the stairwell leading upstairs, the homeowner likely had to accept whatever brand the builder provided, which may or may not be non-skid. If homeowners desire a more attractive and safer alternative, assistance is available. Stair edging for tile is offered in three forms and various lengths, which can be trimmed to fit the stairs.

Anti-skid capability is the first thing to look for in stair edging for tile.

During the rainy season or the winter months, homeowners don’t want their family and friends slipping on the floor and sustaining injury. Not to worry, stair edging is made with grooved panels inserted in the edging. These come in different colors for the aesthetic-minded and can match up with the color scheme. The edging comes in many widths, from 9/32 of an inch up to 1/2 inch and everything in between. It comes in 8 feet lengths which can be adapted to the size of the stair. Stair edging for tile is available in both brushed and polished stainless steel, brass plated, natural and silver anodized. There is sure to be a style that will fit any color scheme.

The second thing to look for is the capability to protect the edge of the tile.

Tiles crack and crumble under pressure. Edging ensures that pressure applied to the ends of the tiles, relayed outward from the corner of the stair, does not result in cracks. This can be just as dangerous as skidding on the stair. If the stairwell experiences heavy traffic from people pounding up and down the stairs or moving furniture, cracks could occur. Edging provides protection to the tile edges because that’s where the pressure is initially applied.

When homeowners prefer tile flooring and tile stairs, they must have stair edging. Edging helps prevent slip and fall accidents in the home, while also protecting the tile at the corner of the stair from cracking due to traffic or other pressure. This item is available in various colors and sizes to complement any decor or color scheme. Koffler Sales has been in the business of providing stair edging for tile for many years and offers a quality selection sure to satisfy any homeowner.