Self Adhesive Anti Slip Tape

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Self Adhesive Anti Slip Tape

Self Adhesive Anti Slip TapeAnti slip tapes are used to make sure that slippery substances and areas will become slip resistant. They are tapes that will instantly make slick and slippery areas coarse so as to avert accidents and other unnecessary events. The self adhesive anti slip tape is basically an anti slip tape that are equipped with a self adhesive side. This will ensure that the installation of the self adhesive anti slip tape will not be a trouble to anyone.

There are many uses of the anti slip tape. First, it can be used as stair noses. Stair noses are the finishing touch of stairways and stair treads. These are the ones that are most commonly made out of anti-slip material to avoid people from slipping and falling from the stairs. These are best made out of rubber or carpet when indoors and metal when outdoors. It can act as the instant fix if the presently installed stair nosing is not slip resistant. All that has to be done is to stick the self adhesive anti slip tape on the edges of the stair nosing and they will be able to work their magic just fine.

Another common use of the self adhesive anti slip tape is on bathrooms.

Bathroom are normally made out of ceramic tile walls and flooring. This is why bathroom are among the most slip prone areas of the home. Once the ceramic tiles get wet, one can very easily slip, trip and or fall – which is never good. The wet bathroom tiles have actually claimed lives of many old people because of slipping. Therefore, it is important that these areas are equipped with self adhesive anti slip tape.

The kitchen is another area that needs the help of anti slip tape. In the kitchen, there are counter tops made out of ceramic tiles or marbles. There are also some kitchen tools and equipment that can be quite slippery. To solve this problem, the need for it arises.

The best thing about the self adhesive anti slip tape is that there are very easy to use. The trick to successfully installing these things is to make sure that the areas where they will be installed are properly prepared. The first thing that has to be done is to ensure that the area is smooth. The smoothness of the area is important because the adhesive will not stick well if the area is uneven. It is also important that the area is cleaned very well. The smallest particles, dust and grime included, may compromise the adhesive strength. Third, it is important that no water is present in the area while the tape is being installed. Just wipe the area dry and make sure that not even moisture is present there. As soon as this is done, the tape can now be installed. Just peel the lining that covers the adhesive, apply the tape, and voila! – the tape will be able to do its job perfectly!