Rubber Stair Treads

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Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber Stair Treads
rubber stair treads

Prevention using rubber stair treads is the key to eliminating thousands of needless falls, slips, injuries and deaths while using stairs. It is a simple, affordable solution to a dangerous problem. So serious a problem that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OSHA calls for slip resistance stair standards. Stair treads are the real answer to the slip and fall problems that happen on stairways every day.

Having said that, interior rubber stair treads come in an array of designs as well as having abrasive strips if one desires.They are usually placed indoors for both residential and commercial purpose, but not outdoors. They can be placed on indoor steps to basements, attics, split level mini stairs, and anywhere else there is one step or more in the home.

Moreover, exterior rubber stair treads have been approved via testings for all climates in any outdoor use. These types of treads are ideal for stadiums, bowls, ices, decks, and additional indoor- outdoor uses. Perhaps one would want to use this tread type for a boat or other watercraft. This is a tough stair tread that cannot be beat when it comes to the outdoors.

In addition, rubber stair treads come with different features so everyone can find something they need. Some of the rubber treads are oil and grease resistant, many have curved noses, but there are also square nosed ones too. Various treads have adjustable noses. Stair nosing and floor bordering are made to match.

Fortunately, abrasive strip rubber stair treads have abrasive strips built in for surplus no-slip security. Use these near entrances and wherever else water and snow can cause risky conditions for an accident. Inside stairs may need these to prevent falls. Flat surface rubber stair treads are best for using on the interior stairs.

Likewise, one new tread is that of one-piece rubber stair treads and riser together, which allows easy cleansing and seamless installing. It features many assets, but the most spectacular is that it’s flameproof with ablaze outspread grading of 75 or lower, to comply with ASTM-E84. Also, they have an embossed pattern and they come in over 25 exciting colors to match any decor.

Be that as it may, one of the most economical stair treads is the vinyl safety step treads. One can easily find these common stair treads for his dorm room or apartment. Even though they are made for indoor residential, they are used in industries as well, for light and difficult duties.

Besides, there are many styles and colors to choose from to make a staircase splendidly colorful and bright instead of drab and dull. Dress up those bare stairs. Stair treads enhance and complete the look.

Most importantly, tend to the dangerous stairs that have nothing on them at all. There could be accidents prevented in the future from just a little bit of time, money, and energy in putting rubber stair treads on those stairs. has all that one will need for any stair tread project and prices start at under $20.