Rubber Stair Nose

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Rubber Stair Nose

Rubber Stair NoseStair nosings are known to be the finishing touch of stairways and star treads. There are a lot of different materials that can be used in these stair nosings. Depending on the style of the home as well as the color motif of the home, these stair nosing can differ. Among the many different materials that are used in these stair nosing, the most common and favored are the rubber stair nose.

The rubber stair nose is great because they are effective in ensuring that the stairs and the stair treads are slip resistant. The thing is that many people these days opt to get anti slip tread altogether. However, when the stair treads already exist, it will be a good idea to add on the rubber stair nose. This will prove to be a very effective way to ensure that no person will slip nor fall from the stairs because of the rubber stair nose that will make the treads slip resistant.

The main problem that many say about them is that they can and they will loosen as time passes by.  When this happens, the rubber stair nose can even be the cause of people tripping or falling from the stairs. The thing is that every other material that can be used as stair noses can succumb to wear and tear eventually. For instance, wood is a very common choice for stair nosing as they are very elegant and sophisticated. They also bring about a homey feel to the staircase. As time passes by, wood is prone to chipping and cracking. They are also prone to get termites as well.

This will just spell accidents, right?

So going back to it, one should not worry about it getting loose over time. As long as they are maintained well and maintained properly, the rubber stair nose will be keeping the people that will pass by the stairways safe and protected. Wear and tear is a common enemy whether it is a rubber stair nose or metal or wood or even carpet. But it is a very easy to solve dilemma. As long as is kept well and properly, then they will be able to last a long time.

A common accident that rubber stair nosing brings is that they can get sticky to the shoe. Many people worry that the rubber can be slippery and all. However, the truth is that what happens is otherwise. When rubber stair nose gets old, their edges and pretty much everywhere along it can easily and quickly grab the shoe of the person passing through it. Well, think of the scenario. Of course itís never a good thing. This is why maintenance and preservation is very important. However, if the rubber stair nosing gets too old, then it only means one thing – they will need to be changed already. Donít worry, however, because these are easy to install and affordable to purchase.