Rubber Non Slip Stair Treads

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Rubber Non Slip Stair Treads


rubber non slip stair treads
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Rubber non slip stair treads ensure safety for flat surfaces in businesses. They protect employees and enhance the appearance at the same time. The rubber non
slip stair treads are available in various styles, colors and designs including solid and marbleized configurations. They also are available in round nose and square nose pieces to fit in with building styles.

The rubber non slip stair treads are long-lasting on flat surfaces. They are constructed of durable materials that do not crack or break. They will be maintained for a long time and last through continued use. The flat surface treads meet a flame spread rating of 75 or less, so the treads are safe to use in a building even during a fire. Occupants of the building can move about the building quickly and safely on the treads.

Rubber non slip stair treads are available in various designs that fill specific requirements.

Many of the stair treads are offered with adjustable noses that permit the stair tread to cover angles.

A newer offering is a stair tread that is available in one piece with landing tiles. This provides seamless installation and is easier to clean. The landing tile is offered in the matching color. This one-piece tread is perfect for hospitals, schools, shopping centers, factories, health care facilities and the hallways of businesses. The one-piece stair treads are 78 feet long and 18 inches deep. The tile for the landing is 24 by 24 inches. Each has a flame rating of 75 or less.

The treads provide extra protection from people slipping and falling. They have two abrasive strips that are three-fourth inches wide. The strips are buried within the tread to allow more protection from slipping. This kind of tread is beneficial for inside steps near entrances to the outdoors where water and snow are brought in, possibly causing dangerous walking. The abrasive rubber non-slip stair treads for the visually impaired have a two-inch wide abrasive strip built into a flat surface. This provides more protection against slipping and is best used on stairs near outside doors.