Rubber Grip Tape

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Rubber Grip Tape
rubber grip tape
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A superior choice for safety, reliability, convenience and peace of mind, rubber grip tape is easy to install and durable. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee makes it easy to use this product with complete confidence.

The versatility of rubber grip tape make it applicable for many situations. Wherever added traction is desired for increased safety, our products will do the job.

At home rubber grip tape can be used in a variety of ways, both indoors and out. It is especially useful for ladders, wrapping around tool handles, running boards, any place where extra traction is desired. Many do it yourself projects have to be done in less than perfect conditions. Rubber grip tape wrapped around handles can make every tool safer and more comfortable to use.

Boat operators will love the added safety. It can be applied to dock edges, trailer parts, swim boards and ladders. Equestrians will appreciate the added security on ramps, ladders and steps on both truck and horse trailer. Recreational vehicles as well as farm machinery can be made safer and more convenient to operate.
Commercially, rubber grip tape can be used on handrails, steps, floor areas as well as on ramps, ladders and other places where secure footing and grip are a priority. Many safety regulations can be satisfied with use of these products.

With the largest selection of colors and sizes, detailed installation instructions and expert help available by phone, customers can be assured of getting the right product for the job. Ordering is fast and easy and many items have same day shipping.

To get optimum results, rubber grip tape must be applied correctly. The surface to be taped should be clean and dry. If it is to be applied to wood, it is suggested that the wood have a sealer applied previously. It is important that once the process begins that the back be touched as little as possible to avoid contamination and oils which may result in a less than satisfactory seal.

Temperature is also important to get correct results. As close to average room temperature is preferred, but when conditions don’t allow for that, the online installation chart will provide information on the minimum temperature needs of particular products. Our support team is staffed with local experts available during business hours for individual questions and concerns.

Rubber Grip Tape