Roppe Rubber Stair Treads

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Roppe Rubber Stair Treads
roppe rubber stair treads
Click on this image to see what Roppe Stair treads Koffler Sales has to offer.

If you need a total stair tread solution, The Koffler Sales Company has what you are looking for. Their virtually endless selection and combination of stair treads will suit any stairs that need to be 100% effective, every time a step is taken upon them.

The Koffler Sales Company offers a wide range of stair tread solutions. KSC helps indoor, outdoor, business, or residential settings with affordable, attractive, and safe solutions for slippery stairs. They provide all the necessary accessories for accessorizing, installing, and maintaining your rubber, vinyl, or metal stair treads. All stair treads resist abrasion, chipping, cracking, and cigarette burns. Don’t leave your stair treads to uncertainty; ensure every step taken is certain and stable with Koffler Sales Company’s stair tread solutions.

The patterns and varieties offered are tailored to meet any stair tread need.

The standard rib safety design ensures certainty of stepping in almost any condition. These oil & grease proof stair treads excel at repelling slippery liquids, directing them into a nook so that when a person steps onto the tread, they encounter rubber instead of grease. This style is ideal for garages and kitchens where spillage is inevitable. The other types of stair surfaces are more versatile and can handle any situation. If you have questions about your application, please feel free to contact us. We can assist you in choosing a solution that suits your needs

Try out Roppe Rubber Stair Treads if your metal stairs become slick when wet.

These easy to install rubber stair treads come in multiple colors and styles and allow you to stay safe whenever you are going up and down what would otherwise be slick, metal stairs. The rubber and vinyl stair treads are available in many different sizes to suit whatever size stairs you have. These are a safe and easy to install solution to mishaps and broken inventory.

Roppe Rubber Stair Treads are offered in square or curved nose designs. These different types include many colors to match your stairs as well as include some models that caution and alert users that there are stairs ahead. These sightline indicators will keep you up to code and ensure your safe work environment stays that way. These may be necessary depending on the details of your business and employees but make sure you check with your local government to find out what and how you need to display warnings. Though it may not be legally necessary to have rubber stair treads, you might find it makes your business a little more efficient when your employees feel comfortable going up and down the stairs.

Koffler Sales offers edge guards for warehouse stair treads. Various colored guards prevent head injuries, aid in safety system color-coding, and lower accidents and employee dissatisfaction.

If you are planning on using rubber stair treads at your home, on your deck, or near your pool, be aware of the different tread patterns. For pool you may want to choose a pattern that is going to be agreeable to bear feet. If you are using the stair treads where people have wet boots, you may want a more aggressive pattern so that the people traversing the stairs have additional grip and stability.

The Koffler Sales Company has everything you need to install your rubber or vinyl stair pieces as soon as you get them. The offer a wide selection of rubber stair tread adhesive, vinyl stair tread adhesive, and nose caulking. They are available in epoxy or latex for both rubber stair treads and vinyl stair treads.