Outdoor Stair Treads

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Outdoor Stair Treads
outdoor stair treads
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Outdoor stairs take a beating from weather, erosion and daily use. Over time these factors can make them a safety hazard as well.

The solution is quality outdoor stair treads, available at KofflerSales.com

Koffler Tread’s metal outdoor stair treads renew all types of outworn stairs.

These metal treads have a non-skid durable surface, created from a proprietary epoxy abrasive. It makes them good enough for even hospitals and schools to embrace. In fact, their slip resistance exceeds standards set by OSHA, as well as those set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

These metal outdoor stair treads from Koffler are made from high grade extruded aluminum, which is 9/32” thick. The lip is specifically 1 1/8” from the tread’s underside. Non-skid, abrasive strips are locked into the aluminum. Tread depths can be ordered custom made in variants from 9” or 11” deep, all the way to 2’to 12’(max. size) deep. The 9″ and 11″ sized treads are available to buy custom-fitted with a glow-in-the-dark sightline, consisting of the three strips nearest to the stair’s nose.

Koffler Sales also has fiberglass outdoor stair treads for everything from bus steps, to boats, to oil rigs. Designed, just as Koffler’s metal treads are, to create a fresh non-skid surface, these treads also outperform OSHA standards. This holds true for these fiberglass treads even when performing under the most rigorous of adverse weather conditions.

These fiberglass outdoor treads come in depths from 3”-12″, with a maximum length of 120.

Buyers have a lot of choices with ten colors to pick from, including solid, two-toned, and glow-in-the-dark variants. The heavy-duty fiberglass for these treads is available in grades from super fine to super coarse to accommodate even the filthiest and most extreme conditions.

KofflerSales.com is also proud to carry the only rubber stair tread approved for outdoor installation. Diamond-patterned and available in solid black, this Koffler Sales option has been rigorously tested and proven superior for decks, garages, skating rinks and golf courses, just to name a few possible venues. These outdoor stair treads are made for square nosed stairs, with a designated 1 1/2 inside. Optional lengths are 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72.” They have a depth of 12 3/8” and a thickness of 1/4”-3/16.

Koffler outdoor stair treads are used in new projects and retrofit endeavors across the globe. For a truly superior traction that will withstand years of dirt, use and Mother Nature’s worst weather, as well as help create a truly safe walkway for all outdoor summer and winter activities, count on Koffler outdoor stair treads.

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