Non-Slip Tape

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Non-Slip Tape

Non-Slip TapeNon-slip tapes play a vital role in establishing a slip and trip-free environment, finding applications in various areas, especially on rough and unsafe surfaces. The introduction of it in the United States was prompted by an increase in workplace injuries, resulting in financial losses for insurance companies and operational disruptions for businesses due to employee shortages. As a preventive measure, non-slip tapes are now ubiquitous in offices and buildings with cracked, dangerous, slippery, or rough surfaces.

One of the primary advantages of non-slip tape lies in its ability to enhance the value of an office by creating a safer working environment.

However, you must regularly reapply the tape, as it has a lifespan of approximately 36 to 40 months. You can receive prefabricated covers at your doorstep, simplifying the installation process. These covers, which are chemical-free, corrosion-resistant, and come with warranty protection, are designed to withstand continuous foot traffic. They accommodate various foot soles, including hard, heavy, and rough, without compromising the tape’s integrity or pedestrian safety.

Non-slip tape, having undergone rigorous testing for quality control measures, stands as the ultimate solution for slippery surfaces. The quality department continually works towards improving the durability and ease of application of tape. Another  non-slip tape suitable for corners, low-light areas, and uneven surfaces.

Cleaning non-slip tape is hassle-free, requiring only plain water or a standard surface cleaner. With its permanent adhesive coating, the tape remains resilient against harsh shoe soles and rough materials. Serving as a safety measure, non-slip tape protects pedestrians from slipping, even when they have wet or greasy footwear. Additionally, users can match it with their flooring preferences, as it is available in various colors, designs, and styles, providing both safety and aesthetic appeal.