Non-Slip Tape

Non-Slip TapeNon slip tapes are used to create a slip and trip free environment. It can be used anywhere. Usually it is used in the areas where the floor or surface is rough and unsafe. It was firstly introduced in the United States when the ratio of workplace injuries increased. Cutting the story short, when so many injuries occurred they resulted a loss to the insurance companies. They had to pay lots of insurance for the injured employees. On the other hand companies also had to bear a lot of trouble because of the shortage of employees. That resulted in taking some preventive measures. Currently it is found in almost all the offices and buildings where the surface is cracked, dangerous, slippery or rough to move on it.

The biggest benefit of non slip tape is that it creates a better value of the office. It makes an office a better place to work safely. Where non slip tapes are used, there reapplication is also very much important. It is not like once you have applied then you don’t have to change it ever. Like every other stuff non slip tape also has a life which is around 36 to 40 months. These covers provided are prefabricated. They are delivered at the door step. There installation is very easy, in fact they are almost ready for installation when delivered. They are free from chemicals and corrosions. They provide warrantee covers as well. The non slip tape is made in such a way that it bears foot traffic all the day long with all kinds of foot soles, some are hard, some are heavy and some are rough but it doesn’t harm the tape or the pedestrian.

Non slip tape is the only solution to the problem of slippery surfaces. They are proved after testing hundreds of times. There are many tests taken for the quality control measures. The quality department is working hard to create much better non slip tapes to give the best to the customers; which could last longer and which could be easier to apply as well. Another benefit of non slip tape is that it can be cut according to the length which you desire. It is available in so many types.

For corners, darkness and uneven surfaces, different kind of non slip tape is available in the market. Another benefit is that it can be cleaned with any material. There is no specific liquid or cleaner needed for it. It can be cleaned with plain water and casually used surface cleaner. It has a permanent adhesive coating which doesn’t get removed from harsh shoe soles or rough material crossed through it. It is a safety tape. If the pedestrian has wet shoes or has some greasy substance under his shoe, even then this non slip tape protects him from slipping. It has so many colors, designs and styles available. One can match the non slip tape with the flooring style and apply it accordingly.