Non-Skid Tape For Stairs

Non-Skid Tape For StairsUse of non skid tape for stairs is very much common now days. People are more safety conscious, especially in homes and work places. There are many types of stairs taking place now days. For example, wooden stairs, marble stairs, metal stairs, glass stairs or iron stairs. Sometimes it’s not the surface but the way it is used that makes the stairs slippery. The slipping issue can be tolerated if it is on even floor, but if it comes to stairs then it becomes a risk of life and death. As if someone will fall from stairs will straight away get a head injury. To address this issue, non-slip tapes for stairs are introduced.

Every stair case has a different type of installation and it has different effects. Firstly coming towards wooden stairs, non skid tapes can be easily applied to dry surface. They are narrow in shape. First select the material. What color or shaped non skid tape for stairs you want to apply. Measure how long or how wide you want to apply the strips on the stairs. Now prepare the strip for installation. Arrange glue or some kind of permanent sticking to stick on the tape. Now divide the strips on the stairs. Apply the selected glue on the strips and put the strip on the wooden stair step. Gently rub the step from upwards. It is better to use the rubber roller. If you put the roller on the step then probably there will be zero bubbles in the application of the non skid tape for stairs. A rubber roller is very much helpful to eradicate the bubbles. As the bubbles is also a dangerous for the pedestrian.

Now if you are not satisfied with your applied non skid tape for stairs, then you do have a choice of removing it. People assume that once applied, the non skid tape cannot be removed or it will spoil the beauty of wooden stairs. The given steps are the best way to remove tape from wooden stairs. First of all you have to loosen the strips. Heat is the best source of loosening the tape. We can use a hair dryer for heating up the tape and stairs. The non skid tape for stairs has a sticking in it; by heating that sticking we can remove the strip easily. Slowly and gradually you have to heat up all the surface of stairs. Now the next step would be scrapping. Slide the scrapper under the non skid tape. Now you need to wiggle it slowly, until you get a good enough portion of tape for getting a good grip. While moving on you will find some stubborn portions. For them you can use scrapper a bit harshly and carefully. After getting the non skid tape for stairs off you will find some sticky material left on the stairs. To remove it use simple water and surface cleaner and you are done with it. Or you can buy goo gone, that will help removing the sticky dirty stuff off the stairs.