Non-Skid Tape

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Non-skid tape

Non-Skid TapeNon-skid tape has a great range of variety. It gives a buyer a lot of choices to choose from. All the non skid tape rolls are 60 feet long. Each roll is protected with a linear which one as to peel off before applying. It is for the protection of the tape roll. These tape rolls have a quality that they can handle all kinds of heavy traffic load at once. The premium red tapes are available in yellow, black, extra coarse black, mop friendly black, clear, yellow/black hazard, red/white hazard and glow in the dark. They come in the shape of the rolls. They are approximately 1”, 2” or 4” inches wide roll. Usually they are 60 grit but with the has extra coarse of 36 grit.

One type on non-skid tape is contractor grade grip tape.

It is one of the most affordable tape. It is very commonly used. They come in a roll of black color which has width 1”, 2”, 4” or 6” inches, medium coarse, 46 grit. Another one is a conformable aluminium based grade. This tape is used to even the uneven surface. Such as diamond plate. It comes in the form of black roll with 1”, 2” or 4” inches width. At some offices and buildings it is very important to mention caution for the pedestrian’s safety. Otherwise one may not notice. When there were no imprinted tapes available, at that time, pedestrians often ignored the displayed notice. To address this issue, manufacturers introduced imprinted non-skid tape. These tapes are 3 inches wide. Their background is yellow with black print on it. It is a 60 grit tape. Normally, CAUTION or WATCH YOur STEP is imprinted on it.

Another type we can find of non-skid tape is Armadillo and Tuff-Mark floor tapes.

People use them for warehouse or factory floorings. The armadillo stands out as one of the most durable non-skid tapes in the market. Its advantage lies in its minimal reflectivity. It comes in 3″ x 108′ rolls. Tuff-Mark floor tapes are extremely robust; they can withstand heavy traffic effortlessly. They come in both 2″ and 3″ x 54′ rolls. It last 10 times longer than standard floor tape. They commonly come in yellow or yellow-black hazard patterns. They find use in factory settings to delineate areas for visibility or to highlight hazardous zones for workers. The tapes are engineered for heavy equipment use. They exhibit high chemical resistance, unaffected by chemicals, acids, and grease.

Moving on to Armadillo tape; it comes in yellow and red colors. It supports weight, whether it’s a foot or heavy equipment. The reflective side of this non-skid tape enables workers to easily see it at night. It’s made of tough polymer reinforced with synthetic webbing. This is the only non-skid tape available in the market that currently offers three qualities simultaneously. It is reflective, non-skid, and long-lasting.