Non-Skid Stairs

Non-Skid StairsStairs are one of the most commonly used construction design. Stairs can be round, straight or spiral depending on the surrounding they are being installed. Stairs are an essential part of any house. They make the house look more homely and elegant. Despite their beauty and use, stairs are considered to be a leading cause of accidents and injuries. Whether wooden or tiled, stairs tend to become slippery and sneaky in all seasons.

Non skid stairs are not a fantasy rather a reality brought into action. There are numerous ways and measures to make non skid stairs to prevent yourself and your family from any mishaps. Make your stairs non skid by using a non slip solution on the floor or by installing stair treads glued to the stairs.

It’s never too late to fix in non skid stairs. Stair treads is one measure for a slippery stair case. Easily available at any home department store, are small pieces of carpets which can be glued or nail to the stairs makes it less prone to accidents. Stair treads come in multiple colours, designs and shapes which you can choose from. This serves the purpose of creating a non skid stairway. They look elegant in different designs and enhance the look of your house. Easy to maintain, wash and clean stair treads provide the best safety for you.

An added measure for a non skid stairs include no skidding anti slip tape. They are a brilliant and reasonable choice for indoor and outdoor stairs and have a great slip resistant power. Available in a wide variety of colours and design anti slip tapes are easy to use. Just stick the tape on the edges of the stairs and your non skid stairs are ready.

A tremendous innovation for a non skid stair ways includes installation of a stair nosing. These provide extra protection and safety, and work best for both indoor and outdoor stairs. Stair nosing consists of bars which are attached to the stairs. They come different materials, colours and design, and justify the purpose of creating the perfect non skid stair way.

One of the simplest and cheapest methods to own non skid stairs includes the production of non skid sprays or anti slip spray coating. Easy and economical, all you have to do is spray the solution on the stairs and wait it to dry, and voila! Your non skid stairs are ready.

Not just in residential stairs. Non skid stair way measures can be taken into account in commercial areas like shopping malls, schools, hospitals etc where the stairs are prone to heavy traffic and use. Installing and applying these measures will not only make the stairs less slippery but will also protect the stairs from scratches and wear off.

Your life has value, so does the life of your loved ones. Don’t be careless, safeguard it. Take measures and make non skid stairs. There is a wide range of measures to choose from in making your life accident free.