Koffler Anti Slip Tape

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Koffler Anti Slip Tape
anti slip tape
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NON SLIP TAPE ANTI SKID 3M® & KSC ADHESIVE – This anti slip tape is an economical and excellent choice for the most general purpose outdoor and indoor requirements for the slip resistant tape. The anti slip tape is a reliable and durable product. The anti slip tape is available in many colors like yellow, clear, black, blue, green, orange and many more.

Different colors give safety and visual impact to the anti slip application.

The anti slip tape is simple and economical to apply. The tape gives protection that is very suitable for the recreational areas like playgrounds, ramps, RV’s, pool areas, work areas, stairways, scooters, snowmobiles, vehicles, construction machinery, industrial equipment, machines shops, trucks, trailers and lawn equipment. The KSC or 3M brand tape is used in areas where slipping can be a hazard. It sticks to any clean, smooth surface. Before applying this anti slip tape on treated lumber, it is best to seal the wood.

Non Slip Shower Bath Tape – This anti slip tape is made of textured PVC that is comfortable to the skin. The tape improves the footing when leaving, entering or using a shower or a bath. It is suitable for acrylic, ceramic surfaces and smooth enamel. The non slip shower bath tape is available in 4 colors which are white, black, grey and clear. These tapes offer many benefits. They are a permanent solution to a bath or slippery shower. Also, they are easy to clean and quick to fit.

The anti slip tape is very durable. These strips are ready to fit and can be ordered premade in a roll and cut to the lengths required. The shower bath tape has no grit granules that are harsh. The surface of this tape is textured that is comfortable and does not cause any damage to material, wet suits or skin. This tape can also be used in motor homes, caravans, on boats and food safety areas. In minutes, this tape can be applied easily to any kind of shower tray or bath. Normal cleaning of the bath is enough to keep them in good condition.

Anti Slip Tape