Johnsonite Stair Treads

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Johnsonite Stair Treads
johnsonite stair treads
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The johnsonite stair treads are available in a variety of styles and colors. These stair treads also have many different treads to satisfy your needs. The variety of stair treads are the smooth treads, and treads with round, diamond or square treads. The Johnsonite stair treads are available in many colors. It is difficult to imagine a tread color that Johnsonite doesn’t make. We can provide johnsonite stair treads that will give your building a matching color décor appearance.

Johnsonite stair treads will last many years because they are made the rubber that they are made from is a solid product. The Johnsonite treads will not become fragile under constant use, some of the treads will hold up when they are subjected to oil and grease. In addition to their style and beauty these treads will also enhance the safety of everyone who uses the stairs. The design of these treads will provide the friction to enable anyone to use them with confidence.

The ohnsonite stair treads are available in the following surfaces:

The Smooth Surface treads have a 2 inch square nose with a tread depth of 12 ½ inches. The 100 percent synthetic rubber surface comes with optional grit or a friction strip.This tread meets the performance requirements of the ASTM F-2169 Standard. The availability of 70 colors gives the purchaser a wide range of color options.

The Roundel Raised Round treads have a 2 inch square nose with a tread depth of 12 ¼ inches.This 100 percent synthetic rubber surface is a raised round surface with optional grit or a friction strip. Available in 70 colors, the purchaser has many choices to add to the appearance of the building. The Raised Round is Johnsonite’s most popular stair tread.

The Raised Square treads will meet all of the specifications of the Roundel Raised Round tread. The Johnsonite rubber stair treads with the raised square features a pattern of squares across the tread surface. This pattern promotes safety by creating more traction on the raised surface.

The Rubber Stair Treads | Diamond Surface have a 1 ½ inch rounded bull nose or a 2 ½ inch bull nose. They are 12 ½ inches deep and they have been one of the product line staples for over 40 years. The raised diamond pattern in the middle of the tread is an excellent safety feature.

These great Johnsonite stair treads will provide excellent traction, safety, and they add an attractive appearance to the building..