Johnsonite Cove Base

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Johnsonite Cove Base

What is a wall (cove) base? It is a strip of material that is usually vinyl, rubber, or other recycled material that is put at the base of an interior wall where floor meets wall. It ties together your floor and wall styles and gives your home or business that last finished touch. Many people choose this method of wall base over using wooden base boards because the cost is cheaper than wood and has the added benefit of durability.

Johnsonite cove base is also flexible and can be used around curved or straight walls as well as columns. It is also very easy to work with and easy to install. You donโ€™t have to sacrifice visual appeal for affordability because not only is Johnsonite cove base durable, it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Wall bases such as Johnsonite cove base are also offered in recycled and natural materials that will appeal to the environmentally conscientious. Johnsonite wall base comes in a wide variety of colors and designs that give you options that will fit your home or business the best. Choose from several different lines to find your ideal style.

The Wall Art collection adds a touch of luxury to your project with the look of stone, metal, or wood without the expense of those materials.

This option will also hold up better in the long run because they will resist cracking, fading and wont chip. The pattern is ingrained (so to speak) in the material so that it is permanent and wont flake off as other laminated materials would.

The Masquerade line of Johnsonite wall base is just as unique as you are and can be created to meet your every decorating need. Thanks to a high definition digital enhancing technology your imagination can be brought to life. Whether it is the rich grain of wood, rustic look of stone, the same pattern as your wallpaper, or a step towards the wild side with zebra print, Johnsonite can provide the perfect fit for your finishing needs.
Johnsonite also offers an environmently friendly product called Ecolibrium which is made up of walnut shells, oyster shells, pine resin, and vegetable oil.This product holds up to Standard Specifications and is as resilient as other Johnsonite products.

As mentioned before, the installation is easy. All that is really required is a cutting tool to cut the correct length from your roll of material, adhesive to adhere the material to the wall, and calking to seal off your project.