Interior Handrails

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Interior Handrails

Interior Handrails

interior handrails
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Interior handrails are important in many homes and businesses. They are a necessity in any building with stairs, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. They can also be of great use in homes with elderly or disabled residents, mounted near beds, in hallways or in bathrooms. Likewise, medical buildings or buildings catering to the elderly may be required by law to install them. Safety minded business owners, even if not required, might prefer to preemptively avoid accidents rather than deal with the consequences of an unintended fall.

Not only can the style of interior handrail greatly impact the overall feel of any room or hallway, but it’s a design choice that will often outlast paint color, flooring or furniture. And since every building and every budget is different, it’s important to go to a vendor with a wide variety of options to choose from when buying handrails. High quality products and responsive customer service are both a must when making a purchase such as this.

Though standard handrails are the most cost efficient option for rooms and hallways, they still offer a wide choice in color, length and style. There are straight edge, rounded edge and double rounds standard interior handrails available, meaning that every buyer can browse and select the right choice for their home and taste. There are also designer options available, such as the prism rail design or the two toned design. Much like the standard handrails, a large variety of color options are available for all designer styles.

There are also wall guards and protective wall panels available.

These can be used to prevent damage to a wall or paint job. They are often installed in conjunction with handrails. They are especially useful in high traffic areas or service areas where deliveries may come in on a frequent basis. Wall guards are easy to install and come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. There are short pieces, suitable for nooks and corners, as well as longer pieces that can stretch the length of hallways.

The protective wall panels are used in a similar manner as the wall guards, but stretch from floor to ceiling. They can be used behind sinks to protect walls as well as any area where the wall is likely to show wear quickly. They are commonly used in patient rooms and work areas. Much like the handrails and wall guards, these practical home and office panels come in colors from cafe au latte to pale jade and everything in between.

In addition to all of the interior hand railing choices offered on the site, all of the accessories needed to install them are also easily available. These include handrail brackets and the adhesive used in installation. These accessories are low cost but essential.

Basically, when choosing products for a home or business safety is of highest importance but isn’t the only consideration. Happy customers are those who, after researching their options, end up buying from a vendor that combines quality, customer care and a wide range of stylish and affordable products. Great prices don’t hurt either.

Interior Handrails