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Interior Hand Railing

Interior Hand Railing: Practical, Safe

interior hand railing
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Most people don’t think about the interior hand railing on the stairs. After all, a lot of people do not use them, and all too often they are more decorative than functional. However, a good set of handrails can not only beautify your stairs, it can help prevent accidents. Small children and the elderly are the most likely to fall and injure themselves on the stairs, but even healthy adults may severely hurt themselves in a fall if there is no handrail to grab or the handrail is poorly designed and improperly installed.

As such, a proper interior handrail is essential for both home and office settings.

Interior hand railing doesn’t need to be complicated, but they do need to be functional and properly installed. Whether continuous or segmented, part of the railing or attached to the wall, handrails add form, function and safety to your walls. Additionally, in factory or business settings, they are required by OSHA and other safety regulations to prevent falls. A properly installed handrail is capable of supporting significantly more than the weight of a single person and is secured in such a way that it can be immediately held or grabbed when a person falls. Ideal placement also makes the handrails good to hold on to, which allows people to secure their grip and pull themselves upwards or downwards, preventing slips and falls.

Simple, standardized handrails offer a functional and inexpensive way of preventing stair-related accidents by giving your family, customers or employees something to hold on to. Basic and made out of metal or wood, they are designed to last for years and thousands of hand contacts, casual bumps and the occasional collision or scrape, with simplicity of design and installation at the forefront, such simple interior handrails are what you need to make your store, home, office or factory easy to get around in and accessible to all.

We also offer more advanced designer handrails for specific applications.

There’s no reason that your handrail should not blend in to or complement the appearance of your stairs. Carpeted, marble or glass stairs are particularly enhanced by a set of beautiful designer hand rails, and such rails enable you to accentuate or enhance both your stairs and wallpaper. The wallpaper or paint surrounding a staircase is particularly good for enhancement or highlighting by a designer handrail, because it provides contrast and three-dimensional shape in addition to giving people something to hang on to.

Interior hand railing are essential parts of any house, business, factory or office, but that doesn’t mean they need to be ugly or impractical. Good looking and properly installed handrails will make you feel safe and enhance the value and safety of your property. Properly designed handrails can also hold up to abuse for a very long time, enabling you to keep your stairs safe and easy to use for many years going forward. This means that your investment not only makes your stairs and walls look better, it makes them safer, and makes sure you have what you and your family, employees and/or customers need.

Interior Hand Railing