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InPro Wall Protection

The many benefits of wall and corner protection

InPro Wall Protection
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When it comes to protecting the walls of a home or business, most people don’t seem to realize there are steps that can be taken to prevent damage in their house or building. Wall guards and corner guards not only provide protection, InPro wall protection can also come in colors and actually add to a structure’s appearance.

Most building’s that have business tenants are busy places. There is a lot of movement and a wall guard can protect against the occasional dent or ding from an unfortunate accident. There was a time when wall guards were usually placed at waist level or lower to protect against mail carts and other things used to transport items within the business. Today there are even more items used by people that can damage a wall, such a large purses. With wall guards and corner guards in place the maintenance costs for any dwelling is greatly reduced.

InPro Wall Protection provides a variety of products that help homes and businesses protect the walls and corners of any type of structure. The wall guards they offer are made from PVC vinyl. This is a very long-lasting material that is designed to be pleasing to the eye and cost effective to install. Made to survive and look good under any situation, this wall protection will not chip or crack and resists scratches and scuffs.

Corner guards also provide an important level of protection.

They come in many different colors and are easy to install. InPro corner guard can be put in place with nails, screws and construction adhesive. Customers also have the option of using their peel and stick method. They have been designed to match décor and be easily cleaned.

InPro Wall Guards and corner guards come in a wide range of styles, colors and shapes to meet the needs of any business or home. Every situation is unique and requires an ability to meet specific requirements. These wall guards and corner guards can be made to meet the needs of any set of circumstances.

An important feature of InPro Wall Guards is their EZ-Clip retainer, which makes installing them an easy procedure. It only takes ten EZ-Clips to put a 12’ length of wall guard in place. The EZ-clips weigh about 1.2 ounces a piece, and have been made to save both freight and material costs. The use of EZ-Clips saves time and labor costs when it comes to putting wall protection in place. To keep the wall guards away from the wall, rubber spacers are utilized. The EZ-Clips are also environmentally friendly as they are all made from recycled material.

Koffler Sales offers consumers a wide variety of wall protection products designed to be used in both a home and business.

Customers have no problem finding a wall guard or corner guard system that fits easily into their budget. They can choose from the modestly priced PVC plastic for a corner protector to a high end stainless steel corner guard. Wall guards materials range from clear lexan to PVC vinyl. The PVC vinyl used is made of 10 percent pre-consumer discarded material. This could help a business obtain Green Building Certification.

A business with a lot of customers going in and out of their building as well as a busy home might want to consider the benefits of InPro Wall Protection. It can help with the appearance as well as act as a way to protect the investment in the structure. Wall guards and corner guards should be considered by anyone who plans to buy a new dwelling or is taking the time to remodel an existing one.

InPro Wall Protection