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InPro Wall Guards
InPro Wall Guards
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The most delicate area of your household wall is the corner of the wall. This area is easy to damage when walking, moving items in the house can easily bump into the walls, which is going to scratch the wall, bump out chunks of drywall or even dent the wood siding. Regardless of what kind of wall you have, it is important to have some sort of protection, especially in heavy traffic locations in the house, such as the kitchen and living room. With corner guards, you’re able to add the necessary protection to any room in the house. You just need to make sure you have the very best InPro wall guards for the room.

When you are looking at different InPro wall guards for your house and the particular room, you need to look at the kind of material you need for the room. You don’t want a wood wall guard mixing with a textured wall or a regularly painted wall. Once you know the material of the wall you’re able to locate the best material for the wall protector and wall guards. This helps you limit down the number of options available to you and make sure you are selecting the very best material for your wall corner. You want to make sure the wood InPro wall guards go with a wood room (or wood siding), and a plastic/plaster based corner guard when it comes to the wall.

The best part about these corner guards is the total amount of color available to you. Some companies only have a few different color options, but you probably want something that goes with the overall look of your room and the overall color of the house. With over 100 different colors to select from, with some smooth and other textured, you’re able to choose the very best color for the room.

The wood looking corner guards are completely different from the color options, so on top of these 100 options you have the lighter faux wood grain corner guards and in different styles of grain and color. This way, should you have a specific look or feel of wood in your home, you can always perfectly match the wood to the room. Of course, the wood also acts as a nice additional design touch to your home, if you don’t have any wood in it and you want to draw interest to the corners. These can add impeccable design flavor to your room, no matter what style of house you’re living in or where the home is currently located.

Now that you know the kind of material for the wall guard you are then able to look at the size of the wall guard.

There are different InPro wall guards, ranging in thickness. You need to decide how wide of a wall guard you need to have. If you just have general foot traffic through the halls, you probably only need to have thinner wall guards. These guards protect from light traffic working through the room. However, if you are constantly moving larger items through the halls and need additional protection, you need to opt into the wider, thicker wall guards. It really is up to you however, what sizes you go with. You might only need thinner wall guards but like the look of the thicker guards. When it comes to the thicker wall guards, these do protect more and cost more, but if you like the look better, as it goes with the current aesthetics of the room, this is the best option available to you.

Not all wall guards are made of the very same durability. Some wall guards are just basic “L” shaped guards, giving you protection on both sides. However, these guards are also able to crack and become damaged, should enough force strike it. If you are looking for a bit more durability, there are flexible corner guards. These colored flexible corner yards are great for a low cost protection, as the material is made directly out of PVC piping and can receive direct impacts without actually chipping or scratching, so you never have to touch up the material or deal with buffering out these gouges.

When it comes to your home, one of the most damaged areas of any house is the corners. This is due to standard foot traffic, pets moving around the house or you shifting furniture through the home. So no matter what you’re looking to do or what kind of items you position in the house, it is important to protect the corners, so you don’t have to repair these problem area. Thankfully, with the help of InPro wall guards, you are able to do this rather easily and inexpensively, all ensuring you never have to pay for a repair service ever again.

InPro Wall Guards