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Grip Tape


grip tape

Grip tape is an amazing adhesive most known for its sand-papery texture on the top, super-sticky adhesive on the bottom, and its array of colors to choose from. While the sand-papery texture is popular, there are other textures as well. For instance, grip tape has a rubbery, pebble kind of texture that is soft and meant for comfort but can still do its job. The pebble texture also has a thick foam backing to aid in any impact and in the reduction of vibration.

Grip tape can come in various colors as well. Most grip tape is black, but it does come in many other fun colors. Standard colors like green, orange, and blue along with not-so-standard colors like neon pink, neon yellow, and neon green are all colors that this tape comes in.

This wonderful adhesive that has a sand-papery texture is mostly used for skateboards. The tape helps the skater’s shoes stick to the board while riding. A lot of skaters find or make cutouts of the tape to put on their boards for appearances or to represent the company that made their board. A skateboarder likes variety, so they will most likely put different-colored tape on their board.

This tape can also be used for firearms.

Many members of the military and civilians with firearms will but grip tape on the handle of their weapons to make using their weapon easier. The tape allows a better hold of the weapon, making it easier for aiming and firing.

A really creative way of using this adhesive was discovered with the releasing of the iPhone 4. The iPhones were getting more and more damage done to them due to the phones slipping out of their owners’ hands. The finish of the iPhone is almost silky. Someone decided to create the “Skateboard Skin” set of cases for the iPhone. The back of the cases have real grip tape and the front has a sleek, wood-like design to resemble a skateboard. The iPhone with the case could be held by just the fingers of a person and finally not slip out.
The soft textures of the tape can be used for anywhere that allows bare feet. They are often used at local pools and can be used in the shower. They can be placed in bathrooms and even on dashboards. The soft-textured tapes don’t just work for bare feet. They can be used for the bottom of tool boxes for safe storage as well.

Grip tape is useful, dependable, and convenient. Whether it’s needed for just non-slip or non-slip and comfort, this magnificent adhesive can get the job done.