Glow In The Dark Tape

Glow In The Dark TapeThe first time I came across the glow in the dark tape was in a theatre where it was used on the walls to indicate the direction of the exit. It is very difficult to imagine the various uses of this innovative product. I have stuck strips of this tape on all the switches in my bedroom and the bathroom. This way I will be able to turn on the lights when I wake up in the middle of the night without tumbling over anything or feeling my way up to the switches. This product can be put to so many different uses that come to think about it, it is an indispensable product. The tape has a polyester laminated film within the tape which ensures that it can retain the light that it absorbs for much longer periods of time. The tape also has a photo luminescent film which gives out the light after collecting the same when it is available. The best thing about this is that it can be made to stick on any surface since it is a lot thinner than people generally expect glow things to be.

The thickness of the tape depends on the kind of product that you are looking for. Some of the glow in the dark tapes comes with a carrier, an adhesive and a liner. A product like this might be close to 20 mils thick. There are also some products which will come with just the carrier and the adhesive. This will be a lot less thick and can be of the range between 10 to 15 mils. There are also certain tapes which come with just the liner which are as thin as 5 mils. There are several other tapes which are available which come in various dimensions. Most of the glow in the dark tapes generally comes in the length range of 10 to 15 feet.

The best thing about the tape is that it is incredibly strong and can be used to even pin up things. These tapes can come in very handy when you wish to decorate something for a show. The glow in the dark nature and their ability to adhere to almost anything will be very instrumental in such instances. These can also be used for repairing things. It is a great tool to have during imaginative projects or crafting. The best thing about the tape however is that it does not curl after it is stuck on any surface and it can conform to the shape of any uneven surface in spite of its thickness.

The adhesive is a solvent based acrylic which is extremely good at adhering to almost any surface. Using this product can be incredibly fun and something that all creative minds should stock up on. It can be used to mark the switches of torches or flashlights when you do out camping. You can even use this to create some incredible designs on any automobile. The best thing about this product is that it is available in various colours. It is almost impossible to stop thinking about the various uses that this product can be put to use for.