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Flooring Protection For Your HomeFlooring protection is one of the basic tips and techniques a home owner must know to protect their hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring from heavy furniture, chairs, pets, etc. which cause scratch marks and unwanted indentations on the flooring. If you do not follow flooring protection regularly, then chances are that you might end up paying a heavy price in repairing broken or worn-out tiles at home. By now you must have realized that good quality service in repairing worn-out floors does not come cheap.
So, if you are not planning on spending extra cash in repairing worn-out, broken tiles, then to start taking care of them through flooring protection methods. Following are some tips of flooring protection methods for your floors, such as laminate and hardwood floors.

Tips for Your Home

Flooring protection for laminate floors

– If you have a lot of lightweight furniture in your living room, then it is better if you attach the bottom edges or the legs of wooden armchairs with felt protector pads, to prevent scratch marks whilst pulling it.
– It is recommended to lift heavy furniture and transport it around the room to prevent scratching. Even with felt protector pads applied, pulling or dragging the furniture from one corner to another may still be difficult.
– Placing rugs or carpets on the laminate flooring, especially in a high-traffic area will save you from unwanted squeaks and scratch marks. Make sure these rugs come with non-slip pads attached underneath to prevent anyone from slipping.
– The humidity levels of your home should be somewhere 35 – 65 percent, as this will prevent your laminate flooring from expanding or contracting unnecessarily.
– If any liquid is spilled make sure to mop it immediately with a dry soft cloth, as it will prevent the liquid from seeping into any cracks or gaps in the flooring and this will also weaken the flooring over time.
– If you need to use any cleaning product to clean the laminate flooring then use a window cleaner, as it does not contain any ammonia.

Flooring protection for hardwood floors

– Ensure you place large rugs or carpets on hardwood floors in areas where people are walking around more. But make sure these carpets or rugs come with non-slip protective layer underneath to prevent anyone from slipping.
– Don’t wear shoes, heels or golf shoes when walking around on hardwood floors, as they cause great damage to the flooring.
– If your kitchen has hardwood flooring, ensure to position rubber mats near the sink area. This prevents water from easily seeping into the hardwood if it falls on the ground. In case of any spills, quickly wipe off the water or liquid with a soft cloth or mop to prevent it from seeping into any cracks or gaps in the flooring.
– Use a humidistat to measure the level of humidity within the house. If the humidity level is high, then chances are that the hardwood flooring will expand and contract and spoil the overall feature of the wooden floor.
– One more point in the flooring protection method is to trim the nails of your pets if living in the house to prevent any kind of scratch marks.
Flooring protection methods are simple, easy-to-do tips on how to take care of your floors daily so that you don’t end up spending tons of money in repairing those floors by branded furniture servicing providers.