Floor Mats

Floor MatsFloor mats is a term used to describe any form of fabric or material which is placed on a flat surface to:
– Protect the surface against any forms of scratches.
– To protect what is above the surface of the floor from any form of moisture since it absorbs moisture
– It is also used to trap dust
– It can also be used to minimize vibration as it can also absorb vibrations depending on the type of floor mats used
Other than these three functions, it also improves the aesthetic value of the floor surface.

Mats can virtually be placed everywhere as long as a desirable mat has been chosen. This will always depend on the kind of material the floor mat is made of. For instance, it will make no sense to place a woolen mat at the entrance of the door. Mats can be made from fabric, rubber or any other materials which can make it to serve its purpose as required.
Broadly, floor mats can be described as either interlocking or one-piece mats.

Interlocking mats which is also referred to as the modular mats are made of different elements of different shapes which should be assembled together to make a desirable pattern. One main advantage which this mat comes with is that it can easily be transported. However, they are mostly used for temporary purposes.

On the other hand, one-piece mats are mostly used for permanent installations and they also come in a wide range of colors and shapes which gives the uses varied options depending on how one would wish to decorate his or her interior or exterior.
Floor mats can be placed on either the entrance of the exit of hotels, homes, restaurants offices etc. These kinds of mats add beauty to the environment where they have been placed and helps to maintain hygiene by absorbing dust. In choosing a good entrance or exit mat, it should be a durable and easy to maintain kinds of floor mats as these places experience highest levels of traffic. An example of a good entrance or exit floor mat is the Waterhog Grand Premier mat.

The interior mats; they are also referred to as the indoor floor mats. They came in a variety of unique shapes and designs which gives more sophisticated look to the interior of either the house or the office.

These mats are normally used as anti-fatigue mats and a good interior floor mat should have the ability to trap and hold both soil and water so they do not reach the floor surface. They come in a wide variety of textures. Examples of interior floor mats include Tri-Grip interior mats and ColorStar Crunch mats.

Workplace mats; these kind of mats are mainly used to enhance the worker’s safety. They are mostly used in industrial units or manufacturing units. They combine two very important qualities which include anti-fatigue properties and safety properties.
It is very imperative to determine the kind of working environment where the mat is to be placed. That is, whether it is an acidic environment, greasy or wet environments. Examples of the commonly used floor mats include AirFlex Mats, Scraping Mats, and Happy Feet Mats.

Customized logo mats; this types of floor mats are specifically meant to suit an organization’s or business requirements in terms of the business brand color or logo.