Emergency Exit Signs

Emergency Exit SignsPreparing for any form of disaster is very essential in any public facility which calls for very precise emergency exit signs. One cannot tell when a building may crumble or there will be a fire outbreak and therefore having functional fire extinguishers and exit doors with clear emergency signs is always very important. This is not always optional but it is a requirement while constructing any building. And for this reason, numerous regulatory bodies have been formed to oversee how best emergency equipment are installed in public facilities. The term public facility can be used to describe vehicles, halls, churches and class rooms amongst others. On the same note, there is also need to educate people on fast response to any form of emergency.
A good emergency exit sign should be very conspicuous and visible and it should give a clear direction on which one should follow in case there’s any emergency. It will be pointless to have a white wall with a white emergency exit sign, it won’t serve any purpose. Furthermore, the sign should be placed at a strategic position where ever body can easily see it as it better to know where the exit door is than knowing the entrance. Remember emergency is always very spontaneous.
There are very many emergency exit signs which are universally acceptable which are used to show where exit doors are located. Here is one of the most commonly used sign:

These are two signs showing someone running towards a specific direction which actually shows where the exit door is. You can opt for one either running to the left or to the right depending on the position of the exit door. In most cases, the green color is normally used.
Furthermore, an additional information can also be added to the image above to help those who have not even a single moment encountered this symbol as shown in the figure below.

An additional information ’emergency exit’ helps to further describe what this sign mean however the image still serves the same purpose of showing where the exit door is located. Having emergency exit signs as the one above is very helpful as it has two information in one.
In some situations, the image of the human being running can also be replaced with an arrow pointing towards the exit door. The arrow can also be accompanied with some writing indicating where the arrow is pointing. There is no specific color for this as long as it’s conspicuous. The most common colors used include red, green and black.

A figure showing a diagram with an arrow showing where the exit door is located. It is normally placed along the corridor to direct people where he exit door is situated.
Other than this, the emergency exit sign can also be placed just at the exit door. In such situations, the sign is placed directly above the door. An arrow may be included pointing down wards with some writings.

These two signs can be placed directly above the exit door to show people that the door is meant for emergency purposes.
These are very many emergency exit signs made from different materials however the most important thing of all is that the information written on it should be readable.