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Edge Guard

Edge Guard

Edge guards, safety absorbent foams, play a crucial role as they are usually attached to most furniture, especially those in the living room, to soften the surface in case a child bumps into it. Ideally, you should use edge guards for shelves, coffee tables, dining tables, cabinets, hearths, etc. However, it is essential to place edge guards on any sharp edges of furniture surfaces to keep them out of the playing space of children in the house. You can determine the places where edge guards should be fixed by considering the height of your toddlers. Infants take a year before starting to crawl and feel confident to walk up and down, making this the essential time to install the guards appropriately in the right places. This will provide you with peace of mind when the children roam around the living room.
There are a variety of edge guards available in the hardware stores but the following are some of the best types and styles of edge guards that will add aesthetic value to your furniture and interior décor at large.

Ezy cushioned corner strip guard

The ezy cushioned corner strip guard, one of the durable and sturdy types and styles of guards, serves as a protective cushion attached to any sharp edge, such as on rectangular pillars, stairs, and wall corners. Opting for the ezy cushioned corner strip guard as your edge guard will reduce serious risks like injuries to children from collisions, trips, and falls. If you prioritize colors, you can choose from various available options that blend nicely with your color scheme. Crafted from urethane skin instead of the widely used PU material, this edge guard meets all safety regulations. It suits applications on sharp edges in schools, amusement parks, and kindergartens. With UV treatment, it performs effectively for both indoor and outdoor strip guards and is easily installed using silicone adhesive. Clearly, it serves a diverse range of functions.

Corner Guards

It is fire retardant, latex-free and non-toxic type of an edge guard. Like the ezy cushioned corner strip guard, it is simple to fix and fit, and is ideal for dining, desk, and coffee table corners. This come in a 4 corner guards in a pack.

Clevamama Multi Purpose Edge Guard

It is one of the types of edge guards that will protect the children from injuries in case of a knock or fall. The guard was designed to absorb force of the collision thus preventing serious injuries. It is ideal for door frames, table edges, prominent shelves and kitchen islands found in the house. It can be easily if it is no longer in use. Lengthwise are manufactured in the region of 4m and also easy to install.

Prince Lionheart JUMBO Cushiony Corner Guards

This is another type of cushion guard that fit easily to sharp corners which is also non-toxic, fire retardant and latex-free.