Edge Bumper Guard

Edge Bumper GuardAn edge bumper guard is used to protect corners and edges of machines, doors, and tables. It helps to protect the people working in the area as much as it protects the objects. The edge bumper guard is placed on an object’like a hallway, doorway, machine, or piece of furniture. It helps to protect workers from injuries if they accidentally walk into the corner or edge of something. It protects the worker from getting hurt, but it also protects the edge or corner of the object from damage. An edge bumper guard can be used indoors or outdoors to make dangerous edges visible to those who pass the area. Most edge bumper guards can withstand heats of 80 to 176 degrees. This makes an edge bumper guard very compatible for use in warehouses where there is often high temperatures because of little temperature control’no air conditioning and/or few fans.

An edge bumper guard will soften corners and parts of machines or furniture that stick out, sharp edges. It can also be used to reduce corner damage to building structures and machinery that occur over time and with repeated usage. An edge bumper guard is made of a flexible material to help with the protection of surfaces and to help reduce the impact of corners or edges if a person happens to hit them.

An edge bumper guard can be made in a variety of colors. The most common colors are solid black, solid red, and a yellow and black striped pattern. Although they all do the same job, the yellow and black striped pattern allows for the edge bumper guard to be more visible’even outside. This pattern makes the edge bumper guard more visible at night or in areas with low lighting also. Since the yellow and black pattern is very bright, the edge bumper guard can be seen more easily.

The edge bumper guard can be purchased in different sizes depending on the size of the corner or edge. It can be cut to fit the edge or area needed, too. There is also a difference in how the corner and edge bumper guard fit. The corner guard will normally cover the top of the corner and the side. The edge bumper guard, however, will have a slot to fit it around the edge of a machine or table, for example. It will cover the top, side, and bottom of the edge. It can just be slid onto the edge of the object. Since the edge bumper guard is made of such durable material, it will last for a long time even in the heat.

The edge bumper guard should be used increase safety in the workplace. It can be used to keep workers from running into sharp edges or corners on furniture and machinery. If there are places outside of the working facility that need to be marked, the edge bumper guard can usually withstand high temperatures; so, it can be used to mark edges or areas outside also.