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Diamond Plate


diamond plate

Diamonds are prized for their beauty and strength. Although the connection between diamond plate flooring and diamonds comes from sharing a similar shape, both offer an unbeatable combination of beauty and durability. In addition to its stunning appearance, diamond plate flooring also provides slip resistance due to its raised surface other type of flooring can match it for its combination of visual appeal, durability, anti slip protection, and reasonable price.

The four available metal tile colors lead to an almost unlimited number of design opportunities. Diamond plate flooring can be laid as a solid color, a checkerboard pattern, or in patterns offering a designer an opportunity to show off their creativity. The raised surfaces are both fashionable and functional, creating the aesthetic and anti-slip properties of the flooring. In particular, the anti slip properties of the raised tiles offers a valuable safety benefit in locations where the flooring is likely to get wet.

Metal diamond plate flooring is tougher and more durable than ceramic, clay and porcelain tiles. It will provide years of use in shops, garages, kitchens, industrial, retail spaces, and more. It is an optimum flooring material for locations that are subject to having heavy objects, such as tools and utensils, dropped upon the floor. Prices start at just $3.99 per tile.

Koffler Sales offers several plate flooring options. In addition to a range of colors, the metal diamond plate flooring tiles are available both with and without self stick adhesive backing. We also offer diamond plate flooring in interlocking metal and easy to install plastic variations.

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